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Mount Pleasant Winery (Augusta)

I was surprised of the poor comments about Mount Pleasant Winery. I consider myself a "wine snob" and visit not only Missouri Wineries, but most vacations will include a winery or two. Wake-up. Try visiting Napa, Sonoma or New Zealand without paying upwards of $45.00 to try estate wines. Or a tour of the winery. Sorry for the folks who pay $5.00 for a bottle of wine. You get what you pay for, I wouldn't cook with a $5.00 bottle of wine, let alone drink it. My experience with Mount Pleasant? I paid around $20.00 for a bottle of Vignoles that I compair to a New Zealand Sauv. Blanc. This was a great wine. I sat with my friends in the reserve section, and enjoyed the band. I'm "older" but didn't get so wasted that I couldn't ride back to our car. Sorry losers, you don't realize what you have. Next time don't stop and save your 5 bucks for some Mad Dog 20-20.
posted Jan 19 2007 9:24AM - Peter, St. Louis

So I take it you want everyone to know you've been to Napa, Sonoma and New Zealand. My, oh my, You were pretty dead on with the part about being a snob.
I guess I better tuck my tail between my legs, go swill my Mad Dog and stagger back to my car.
--one of the "losers" :-)
posted Jan 19 2007 7:24PM - GC, Columbia, Mo.

Nice touch GC. I especially enjoyed the double entry! :)
posted Jan 19 2007 8:10PM - J&K, Drexel MO

Ray,something has gone haywire. I laughed at the double entry above untill I realized I had done the same thing. Does this mean we are stuttering? :)
posted Jan 19 2007 8:15PM - J&K, Drexel MO

Say it aint so, JK!
posted Jan 19 2007 10:53PM - GC, Columbia, Mo.

In response to Peter's travels, I appreciate his offerings of comparing Missouri wines to renowned wine districts. This is not the writing of a wine snob, just an informed oenophile. Yes, many wineries do charge for tasting now. Just soaking in the history of Mount Pleasant is worth the $5.00. Enjoy!
posted Mar 23 2008 8:27AM - The Hoosier Wino, Indianapolis

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