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Katy Trail and Kids?

We're thinking of doing a short ride on the KT over spring break with our 6 and 8 yr old daughters as well as our 16 month old. Any thoughts? What about from Sedalia to Pilot Grove? Any idea how long that could take if we end up poking along?
posted Mar 8 2007 1:10PM - elonalum, Kansas City

If it's your kid's first ride I would suggest the Rocheport area. I know it's a longer drive but there is a railroad tunnel, cave spring and Indian paintings all close by and you can have lunch at the trailhead. Also, I believe the Sedalia to Pilot Grove section is a slight incline most of the way.
posted Mar 8 2007 3:07PM - Jim, St. Thomas

I totally agree with Jim, the Rocheport area is far away the best option in this area. Go about 1/2 mile west and see the old tunnel, then turn around and go east to see the magnificent bluffs along the MO river.
posted Mar 8 2007 3:16PM - trinjboro, Jonesboro, AR

Ok, thank you. Can you recommend a stopping point where we can stay overnight w/3 kids - one being a 16 month old? About how many miles would be reasonable - 20ish?
posted Mar 8 2007 3:29PM - elonalum, Kansas City

you could always ride to columbia, approx, 16 miles one way from rocheport and the ride back, if not, ride out a ways and back, then stay at a bed and breakfast in rocheport. just an idea. as far as reasonable mileage, that will depend on each child. if you do the columbia ride, you will need a shuttle ride to and from the trail head off of stadium drive. just a thot. have fun, happy bikin
posted Mar 8 2007 5:34PM - missouri

To my knowledge, most B&B's don't allow kids....you may want to make sure before you book.
posted Mar 8 2007 6:34PM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

You're right, most don't allow kids - a few do and, of course, they're all booked! Thanks for the guidance.
posted Mar 8 2007 6:55PM - elonalum, Kansas City

I'd consider starting at Rocheport and either riding east of there to see the petroglyphs, cave, etc. and then traveling by car to either Boonville or Columbia to spend the nite.....or riding by bike to Boonville to spend the nite. It's just 13 to 14 miles to Boonville from Rocheport on the trail...not the most beautiful part of the trail, but lots of wide open spaces with a straight path for the kids to weave around on. The Holiday Inn Express and the Comfort Inn both are kid friendly....and there is a pool also!
posted Mar 8 2007 8:25PM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

Ok, good info - thanks. Maybe we'll just plan on staying in Boonville and go East one day and then West the next.
posted Mar 9 2007 9:08AM - elonalum, Kansas City

Actually, if you are going into Columbia, you can take the MKT all the way downtown. I agree with the Rocheport area. It would be alot more kid friendly and also offer you a few more "bail-out" places if the kids get tired/cranky etc. Sedalia to Pilot Grove is pretty, but has that incline and is also fairly remote (ie Not alot of places to get off the trail and go into a town for a break).
posted Mar 9 2007 10:12AM - gc, Columbia

More questions about the Trail and kids. Will we be able to rent bikes for the kids there?
posted Mar 10 2007 7:53AM - elonalum, Kansas City

From this website about the Trailside in Rocheport:

Hours: April-Nov: Sun-Fri 9AM-6PM, Sat 8AM-6PM
Closed for the season (reopening 4/1/2007)
Located on the Trail

When closed during the off-season, they will still open for bike rentals by prearranged groups with advanced notice

I'm not sure what Larry considers a group, but if you plan to ride prior to 4/1 you might check and see if he'd open up to rent to you.
posted Mar 10 2007 9:07AM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

Well, because of their "season" not starting until 4/1 we've decided to wait until Easter weekend - so it'll be 4/6 or so. Just wondered if they had small bikes. Thanks again for the info - everyone has been so helpful.
posted Mar 10 2007 8:17PM - elonalum, Kansas City

I agree with the other post: Rocheport is the area I would highly recommend. Ride west and go through the tunnel then turn back east and ride along the bluffs and river. Ride as far as you think your kids can make it then go back to Rocheport. I would recommend the Katy Trail Bed and Breakfast, it's right along the trail. I have stayed there and really enjoyed it. The breakfast is amazing. The Carriage House at the Katy Trail Bed and Breakfast should meet the needs of your family and they welcome children. I would also suggest the Rocheport General Store for a place to eat, it is a really neat place that your kids would enjoy. As for renting small bikes I dont remember seeing any at the Trailside Cafe and Bike Shop so you might have to rent them and take them with you. Have a great ride.
posted Mar 13 2007 11:18AM - Cliff, Edwardsville Kansas

Thanks for the info - we are staying at the Carriage House at Katy Tail Bed and Bikfest. Can't wait!
posted Mar 15 2007 8:30PM - elonalum, Kansas City

Any information, recommendations for thru biking the trail with children?
posted Apr 2 2017 2:04PM - beth, St. Charles

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