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Terry & Kathy's Tavern (Defiance)

I have never eaten in this establishment. My only experience is with a parking situation.
I was going to take my family for a ride down the Katy Trail. It was a nice day and the trailhead parking lot was pretty full. I pulled into what I thought was a spot and began to unload the kids and bikes. An employee of the establishment was cleaning the patio and stopped to inform me of the following in a comabtive tone: "This is not parking for the Katy Trail. That is obvious. That should just be obvious." (I am hoping that I was not the first person who had done this and that was the reason of his agitation.)
While what he was saying was completely true, I certainly did not believe that it was deserving of a combative tone. I only post this to warn people to not my apparent and obvious act of stupidity. Don't park anywhere near this place if you are going to ride down the trail. From this man's tone, I guess that others must have been doing that, so I want everyone else to learn from my experience.
posted Mar 16 2007 3:54PM - Jeremy

There is no excuse for rudness, however, as you saw parking is precious in Defiance and Katy Trail parking might cut into his business. I often park at Matson, which has never been full for me and is just 1.5 miles further west.
posted Mar 16 2007 5:46PM - rdaines, Dardenne Prairie

Thanks rdaines,
I will probably do that next time. Now that I think about it, Matson is usually really empty when I ride by. Good idea. I'm all for the small business doing well in towns like Defiance. I think that I was just taken aback by the immediate attitude I received for a simple mistake. I did not want any others (or the owners for that matter) to make the same error. Thanks.
posted Mar 16 2007 9:17PM - Jeremy, O'Fallon

How ironic is it that when you drive by the Defiance parking area after dark the parking lot is completely full of the bar crowd's vehicles and the KATY Trail staff have to spend a considerable amount of time picking up beer bottles and cigarette wrappers every Saturday and Sunday morning.
posted Mar 17 2007 7:14PM - Anonymous

Interesting that the comment about cleaning up the Katy Parking lot in Defiance. I've been there the past few weeks to see if this is actually the case. Other than finding a few wine bottles from the next town south, and a few discarded plastic cups accompaning the bottles, there was no evidence of Bar abuse.
posted Apr 6 2007 5:38PM - Whisky, Defiance, Missouri

I like the place and have had nothing but good experiences there. They have even started serving delicious BBQ in the later afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays.
posted Jun 29 2007 1:56PM - David, St. Louis

Its a great place to stop for cold long neck after a long harley ride in the country.Hello from texas to my friends i met there.Sandy, Mark,Terry and Kathy and all.
posted Feb 7 2008 12:52PM - Jeff Palko, FT.Worth Texas

We ate there when we rode the KATY trail several years ago. It was a great place to eat.
posted Feb 8 2008 8:47AM - Derek

We stopped by a few saturdays ago when biking down from St Chuck and grabbed a bite to eat. The waitress was very nice and no one fussed about us having our bikes up on the patio next to the table. Food was good. We arrived a little too early to enjoy the BBQ, but they were cooking it up as we left, and a band was setting up. Wish we could have stayed a bit longer, it smelled great. :)
posted May 23 2008 12:49PM - Anonymous, St louis

I find it odd "Whiskey" said that the parking lot had no bar abuse, I used to work as a volunteer on the Katy Trail and I know for a fact this parking lot is one of the biggest headaches for the Katy Trail Staff to keep clean. On Saturday and Sunday mornings the Katy parking area is always littered with beer bottles and cups from Terry and Kathy's bar. The sad thing is, this parking area has never been on the State Parks official list of parking areas and could be closed at any time. The state has left it open due to it's popularity with trail riders and a fear of complaints if closed. The owners of Terry and Kathy's bar have continuously promised to help clean up the parking area and never once followed through with any action to do so.
posted May 29 2008 11:19PM - Shotgun, Juneau, AK

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