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2007 DNR ride questions...answers...info....

Thought I'd start a thread for all who are planning on the 2007 Katy DNR ride. We've done the trail end to end before, but never with a large group and SAG supported. Can't wait, it looks like a lot of fun!
Since this is my (and hubby's) 1st DNR ride, I have a few questions to start with for anyone who has done it before.
-What time do they typically serve breakfast, we like to start as early as possible in the morning (especially if it's going to be hot).
-If it's rainy, is there a place to put your bikes at night or do you just bring something along to cover them over with.
posted May 6 2007 2:07PM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

I plan to participate in the DNR ride, as well-- my father did it last year and gave me the rundown from his experience, but I'd be interested if the same routine will apply--

If I understand him correctly, they throw the bikes into a covered truck to house them overnight, and brought them out again in the morning? I'm also curious about the details.

He said breakfast is at 7 a.m. at the campsite, but he said he usually skipped breakfast to get an early start on the day.

I think I'm gonna need the fuel, myself.

Like you, I'm curious about the details.
posted May 6 2007 8:47PM - biking beginner

This is my first DNR ride too. I filled out my application the first day they posted them and I am looking forward to the ride. I have been reading, riding and buying stuff for the trip. It is good to hear others asking some of the same questions I have been asking myself. I thought I heard or read somewhere breakfast is from 6:30 to 7:30.
posted May 6 2007 9:54PM - TMS, Festus

As to for your basic questions most people that are camping break camp at first light (put up the tents and pack the luggage truck) and then go to buffet breakfast before 7:00 am. Be sure to get in-line early before they open up for breakfast because the lines do get long quickly. Unless you ride really slowly you have plenty of time to finish most day rides early in the afternoon or sooner. I personally do not pack my entire luggage on the luggage truck at that time. I leave out my second bag until just before I am ready to leave for the days bike ride. That allows me access to my tooth brush, suntan lotion and anything else I forgot to take with me for the day. Once your luggage is on the truck forget about finding it until that afternoon.

As for the bike storage unless you are staying at a motel (where DNR does store the bikes in the luggage truck) there is no weather protection for the bike. You can bring a bike cover if you want but it is not necessary. I bring a few plastic shopping bags like one from Walmart or Target to cover my saddle at night to keep it dry from the morning moisture or rain. I recommend that you do bring some old rags to clean off the bike in the afternoon and some dry chain lubricant to help maintain the bike chain if it rains. Also be sure to bring a bike lock with you so you can lock your bike when touring the communities and for overnight. The camp sites are well protected by the Park Rangers but with 300+ bikes in the area sometimes that is just too much temptation for some of the local folks.

I also recommend the first timers get on the states web site and get a feel about previous years ride experience. Just go to the state web link below and at the bottom of the page are shortcuts to previous year rides.

posted May 7 2007 11:47AM - Dave B., Columbia, SC

Thanks, Dave B.

From what I'm understanding, it's best to keep a few things on the bike:
1) Extra tube.
2) Lubricant.
3) Old rags for cleaning/dusting the bike.

Are there any other must-haves? I was thinking of also bringing:
4) Cell phone.
5) Spray sun-block.
6) Money
7) Water (2 big bottles)
8) Kleenex
9) Antibacterial wipes
10) Insect repellent
11) Plastic grocery bags (in case of rain, in case of trash, etc.)
12) Windbreaker w/hood (?????)

I really want to bring Brett Dufur's Katy Trail guide book, but I'm not sure I'll have room.
posted May 7 2007 12:29PM - biking beginner

Your list looks pretty good even though I do not carry lubricant and rags on the bike just in the luggage.

First always pack your stuff in zip lock bags in case it rains and your bags are left outside. It is worth the effort.

When I ride I carry a Camelbak, two water bottles, medium size handlebar bag and a tool kit bag under the saddle. Like you I carry an extra tire tube, plus CO2 Cartridge (w/regulator valve), air pump, tire tools and patch kit. I also use tire tube liners between the tire and tube to resist puncture flats. The liners look like a heavy duty weather stripping and you can get them at any bike shop.

The handlebar bag I carry my wallet, camera and camera case, cell phone, sun block, extra zip lock bags for camera rain protection, granola bars, extra bike lock key and a flashlight. I know you don't need a flashlight on the bike but it is much easier to find in the dark later. I also keep a plastic shopping bag just in case it rains for the outside of the handlebar bag.

So keep on training and I will see you in June.
posted May 7 2007 9:49PM - Dave B., Columbia, SC

Well, we're just a week away from the ride! Anyone heard (beyond just the names of the towns) where the camping facilities will be? I'm curious where on the Katy Spur into Columbia we'll be camping.
posted Jun 9 2007 11:10AM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

I'll be there! I'll be working on one of the baggage trucks hauling everybody's camping gear each day. Stop by and say hello. (real name is Doug)

MAH, I don't have any inside information so don't take this as gospel, but the one time the ride stopped in Columbia before, (2001) we camped at Reactor Park which is southwest of Mizzou arena and the intersection of Stadium & Providence roads. That will be a long day, lets hope for good weather!

Sedalia: I think the ride has camped in Sedalia three times over the years, always at Liberty Park, west of old downtown. It is a very nice park. The only negative is the freight train traffic during the night - bring soft earplugs to sleep with!

Mokane: We have camped in Mokane twice, both times at the school on the north end of town. Another possibility would be the park near the trailhead. Mokane is famous (or maybe infamous) for the big storm in 2003 - you may here veteran riders talking about it in camp.

Augusta: Camping in Augusta has been scattered between parks and the school in the past. Be prepared to climb a monster hill when you get to town! Augusta is famous for the homemade desserts at dinner.

Again, I am just a volunteer baggage handler, I am not involved in planning the ride. These are my personal observations from past rides. See you all next week!
posted Jun 9 2007 11:24PM - savage24, KC,MO

A small correction:

The first year we camped in Sedalia, it was at the state fairgrounds.
(See, I told you not to take my info as gospel!) :)
posted Jun 10 2007 10:27AM - savage24, KC,MO

We'll be on the trail this time next week!

Am really looking forward to it, but really prefer to have more details on the ride, having never done it.

1) I'd like to figure out the mileage per day, but I don't know where we're stopping, where the hotel shuttles are going to pick up.
2) I'd like to book a couple of massages along the way, but it looks like we're either biking, hanging out, eating or paying attention to the meeting for the next day's ride. I just wish I had a better handle on the mileage thing.

It's quite possible when I'm on the ride, I'll look back and think of these as silly questions. But I'm really looking forward to maximizing my time, sights and experiences on the trip. And I've knocked myself out getting ready for this trip for the past 3 months, with training and losing major poundage, and I deserve my massage, dammit! :D
posted Jun 12 2007 1:52PM - biking beginner

Only a few days left! IF I remember correctly,the first day is 39 miles, 2nd day 66, 3rd 51, 4th 63 and last day 27. 2 posts above, Savage listed the possible places we will be camping the end of each day and my guess is the hotel shuttles will pick up where we stop to camp. Re the massages....that sounds so wonderful but I have no idea re those. This is my (and hubby)1st time doing the DNR ride although we've done the whole trail before.
We're John and Margie from Blue Springs MO, maybe our paths will cross this next week.
Keeping my fingers crossed for no rain.
posted Jun 13 2007 10:26AM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

Re: massages. Here's what I've found so far.

Sedalia: Bodyworks Day Spa, 866-827-2452. Apparently, they have a massage room at Hotel Bothwell, where the DNR block of rooms has been reserved. http://www.bodyworksdayspa.net/

Columbia: One on One Fitness, 573-445-9095. Located in the Holiday Inn Select, which I'm told is steps away from Baymont, where the block of rooms has been reserved. http://www.trainers1on1.com/

Jeff City: Natural Connections, 573-636-2726, is located 2 blocks over from Hotel Deville. http://www.naturalconnectionsspa.com/inside.php?page=massage

Don't know about Washington or St. Charles.

Rightly or wrongly, I'm only concerned about the first couple of days. Probably backwards, but that's just me.

Appreciate the mileage tally, thank you. Am also hoping that I can actually schedule the massages, what with the rider meetings and so forth in the evening.
posted Jun 13 2007 3:59PM - biking beginner

Thanks for the info re the massages. Looks like the chances of rain for the first 2 days is now down to only 30% per the National Weather site!!!! Maybe we'll luck out an miss it completely... sure would be nice.
I think the 2nd day is the one that concerns me. The first 35 or so will have some of the loooong slow grades that seem to last forever but at least the last 30 will be flat so it really shouldn't be that bad. We just plan on getting an early start that day.
posted Jun 14 2007 6:59AM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

Hi --
I missed the ride this year, as I didn't find out about until a week before, but I'm hoping to participate next year. I had a few questions for those of you who have now done it. Has anyone camped? If so, I was curious what sort of tent you would recommend. Does this have to fit in your two allowed luggage bags? For two or more people, would you go with a bigger multi-person tent or a multiple single-person tents? Additionally, what sort of rain gear would you recommend?

posted Jul 8 2007 8:17PM - kpj

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