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North Jefferson Trailhead (N. Jefferson)

About how far is it from the N. Jefferson trailhead to Jefferson City and the amtrak station? Also, is it safe to leave your vehicle at the N. Jeff trailhead? I was thinking about leaving it in Jeff City if that is available. Thanks for any info.
posted May 14 2007 10:59PM - nuey7, Kansas city

It's not far, about 2-3 miles. You have to cross the MO River Bridge, and you will get varying opinions on how dangerous this is. You'll have to get opinions from locals as to how safe the trailhead is to leave your car. I've only left mine for 1 to 2 hours at a time while I biked and have never had any problems.
posted May 15 2007 3:13PM - trinjboro, Jonesboro, AR

I would not recommend leaving your vehicle overnight at the Jefferson City trailhead. Smash and grab breakins are fairly common. You would think the Capital city would have a little better security or at least some lighting.
posted May 16 2007 8:12AM - Jim, St. Thomas

Thanks...I was leaning on leaving it at the Jeff city trailhead, but not now. I guess something else will work out!
posted May 16 2007 12:21PM - nuey7, Kansas city

How long do you plan to be gone and is is over a weekend?
posted May 16 2007 1:20PM - Jim, St. Thomas

just overnight and during the week...probably a Monday into Tuesday.
posted Jun 15 2007 12:08AM - nuey7, Kansas city

You didn't hear this from me but......there are several state parking lots in the Capital complex just across the bridge from the JC trailhead. It's probably 2 - 3 mile ride from the main trailhead. They are usually pretty safe.
posted Jun 15 2007 12:19PM - Jim, St. Thomas

Woo-hoo, everybody! MoDot and scads of statewide and local partners have completed a sweet new bicycle/pedestrian pathway across the Mo. River Bridge at Jeff City! It's still a little bike ride from the North Jefferson trailhead, but it's a safe one now, and with great views! Photos of the path and ribbon-cutting on this blog post: http://opulentopossum.blogspot.com/2011/04/pedestrian-bridge-is-open.html
posted Apr 11 2011 12:12PM - Julianna Schroeder, Jefferson City

How is the parking at the North Jefferson City Trailhead these days. The comments advising not to park there overnight are from 2007. Has anything changes or still not advisable to park there overnight???
posted Oct 20 2016 10:08PM - Pookie DeCocq, Richards, MO

Because it is so excluded, I would advise against it. I haven't seen anything specific about breakins over there, but just think you are taking a risk parking there overnight. Someone recently posted that they parked at a parking garage on Madison St. in Jefferson City for a few days while they biked the trail. I think they quoted the price of $2/day. You could call the city (they run that garage) and get information about that. That parking garage is about a mile from the pedestrian/bike path attached to the Missouri River Bridge. The total distance from the parking garage to the Katy Trail is probably less than 3 miles. You do have to go up a hill to get to the bridge, but you can do it! Coming back from the Trail to the parking garage would involve more uphill treks. But it's doable.
posted Oct 20 2016 10:43PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

What Cathy said: Except I think that going over the Jeff City bridge is not only doable but pretty cool, and an experience you would not want to miss.

Tons of good places to park in Jeff City. We parked at the bike shop down the hill from the capitol (with the owners permission of course).
posted Oct 21 2016 12:06PM - ArkyKenny

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