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Rocheport Trailhead (Rocheport)

I am planning ride from Rocheport to Hartsburg then back the next day. I was wondering if I can park and lock my car at the Rocheport Trailhead and it be secure for the night. Also, what is the trail like from Rochport to Hartsburg? I've heard it is pretty hilly.
posted Jun 2 2007 5:27PM - RJB, Kansas City

I've parked overnight at Rocheport without any problems. The trail between Rocheport and Hartsburg has no hills at all. Occasionally you'll get a quick little 'up and over' a road or levy but that's about it. A week ago I spoke to a biker who said that between Cooper's landing and Hartsburg there were some rough spots due to the spring flooding, but with the DNR ride coming soon, I imaging they're working overtime to get the trail back in good shape.
posted Jun 2 2007 6:12PM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

I have also parked at Rocheport overnight with no problems. I did the same thing you are planning - an overnight in Hartsburg. Be sure to check the business' hours on this sight or maybe call them and ask. It can be difficult to find anything to eat on certain days in Hartsburg. It is a great ride!
posted Jun 2 2007 11:47PM - savage24, KC,MO

The Trailhead at Rocheport is a safe place to park, Ive been there several times and never had a problem. I have rode to Hartsburg and it is a great ride, flat, and problably the most scenic part of the trail. I stayed at the Hartsburg Inn, it's nothing fancy but clean and comfortable. The only problem is they dont serve breakfast, but had juice and instant oatmeal in the fridge. I ate at Dotty's for a late lunch and had supper at the Summit Hill Winery. Summit Hill has a nice patio and several other bikers were there so it was a nice place to chat about the trail. Have a great ride.
posted Jun 4 2007 4:44PM - Cliff, Edwardsville KS

Arrived at Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale late afternoon (Great Place, firepits, grills, they sell firewood, friendly, limited small grocery store, SHOWER, safe, right on river, beautiful view
Biked from Huntsdale to Rocheport tunnel (Awesome, perfect trail conditions, rest benches in all the right places) Winery is CLOSED ON MONDAYS. Entry to winery is somewhat hidden, .3 extent to top of hill incline does not include zig zags. Rest legs before you climb. All of Rocheport shops were closed. Other holiday week bikers looking for anything 'open for business' as well. It probably is a great little town we just didn't get to experience it.
Rode back to Katfish Katys. Tent is critical for a pleasant stay, expect bugs
Tuesday - Katfish Katys to Hartsburg and back. Rode early for a beautiful comfortable ride. Trail conditions were rough and rutted around Easley.
Hartsburg was the biggest disappointment. Dotties Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. No services, no place to eat, bike shop is out of business, actually the post office looked like the ONLY business, no place to get food or replenish
What we learned
Katy trail is for weekend warriors - do not expect any kind of services during the week. Most of these towns range in population from 14 to 108. Call before you go spontaneity will only disappoint you.
Take everything on the recommended supplies list website. http://www.bikeiowa.com/asp/misc/packinglist.asp Note to self - butt paste has no age limit
Biking during the early morning and late evening can make all the difference between a pleasant ride and a miserable one. It can get real hot, humid, and miserable real quick.
Seeing all the deer, bluebirds, gentle rolling river and spending time with mate, outweighed seeing the two snakes.
16 miles first day, 36 miles second day, avg speed 9.5 miles Not bad for being out of shape and just looking to have fun. We'll do it again on a weekend - probably this fall
posted Jul 4 2007 11:49AM - Greg A, Shawnee KS

Is it reasonable to park here for several (4 or 5) days? Planning to ride from Rocheport to St, Charles in June.
posted Mar 22 2016 5:46PM - Sue J., California

The Trailside Bike and Cafe across the street from the trailhead is open during business hours and the trailhead is pretty busy during most of the daylight hours. However not sure of night time security. You could possibly inquire to park next to the homes near the trailhead to appear to be living at the home overnight.
posted Mar 23 2016 5:32AM - Anonymous

I've left the car at the Rocheport trailhead overnight in the past and would again. For that matter, I've left the car overnight at the trailhead in Sedalia, Boonville, New Franklin, Rocheport, Hartsburg, and Tebbetts. If I can, I usually let someone know that it's there and leave my name and phone number just in case. I never tempt fate by leaving anything visible in the car and it's always insured, locked, and parked close to the activity at the trailhead.
posted Mar 23 2016 9:26AM - Trek

Some park or city ordinances may be violated if vehicles are unattended for extended periods of time and you may be ticketed and the vehicle towed. If you see something say something.
posted Mar 23 2016 4:53PM - Anonymous PD

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