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Terry & Kathy's Tavern (Defiance)

I heard about this website from Kathy, the owner of Terry & Kathys, and she is upset that her establishment is on the web. She neither created it or approved of this website.
Terry & Kathy are wonderful owners and have built a great client base. There food is good and is served from 11am-8pm Tuesday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday in the off season. Off season is November through April. During seasoning (May - October) they serve food on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-3pm. After 3pm they have hotdogs and brats. They also have great bands every weekend May-October. As to not taking credit cards, they do take credit cards inside all day and night. Outside only takes credit cards during lunch hours.
I know all this because I work for Terry & Kathy. Please come to Terry & Kathy's and she would be more than happy to prove all the above information stated.
posted May 25 2005 1:40PM - Anonymous

Do they serve fish??

Something sure seems fishy here....maybe just coincidence....oh well....can you Biggie Size that for me?
posted May 25 2005 2:35PM - Hungry Traveler

Does Kathy really want her listing removed from this website? I would be happy to remove everything from the individual business page (the page with the photo of the restaurant, hours, directions, and other and details about the establishment). But be aware that lots of people really do use this information to find your business and to plan a stop at your business on their Katy Trail trips.

Even if Kathy does want all useful information removed from the individual business page, I still can not remove the listing entirely from the Defiance page. The primary goal of this website is to provide information about all relevant businesses on or near the Katy Trail. It would be a disservice to website visitors to pretend that Terry & Kathy's does not exist - so as long as you're listed in the public phone book, you'll be listed here. You might be surprised how many people plan to come into your business after seeing here on the web.

I'll hold off on actually removing the business information until I hear from you or Kathy. By the way, I've enjoyed a few beers there myself. :-)
posted May 25 2005 4:03PM - Ray (webmaster)

I really enjoy Terry & Kathy's. My fiance and I head out there at least once a month when we can sit outside and listen to the bands. Nothing formal here and the clientele sure varies.

We're planning to come out after our wedding in October!
posted Jun 30 2005 10:21AM - TT, Florissant, MO

Just as a side comment, it would be beneficial for Terry & Kathy's to have a website. I occassionaly like to visit the bar, but I am never sure what band, if any, will be playing there on the weekends and sometimes it's too far just to check it out so we go somewhere else. A website with entertainment information could benefit.
posted Sep 7 2005 10:27AM - Visitor, St. Louis City

Terry & Kathy's is great. We have been going there for a long time. We usually meet old friends fro Francis Howell there every summer. The food is great and the drinks are cold
posted Oct 7 2005 5:00PM - Jeff, Defiance

We have friends coming from KC and are looking for places to go...this actually sounds like a fun place....bands? we'll be around October 22nd..anything good going on their?
posted Oct 8 2005 11:21PM - Jeanenne, Lake Saint Louis

In reading the stories here on the web about Terry & Kathy's in Defiance I can testify to the fact it is a very busy & fun place to go to & being a patron for approx. 5+ years I have spent many many hours & of time at their establishment. I do not drink liquor & I still had a ball of fun. My husbands band played there monthly so we had a reason to attend but on his weekends off we would sometimes ride to Defiance just to watch the other bands & for the scenic drive on a Sunday afternoon. Terry is very nice to deal with & always smiling. A few of the bands they have had in the past years were just wonderful along with the atomosphere of being outside, even with a jacket on in the cool fall weather & the summer heat being to hot. So this girl from St. Louis states that Terry & Kathy's is a GREAT PLACE to stop by when your in that neighborhood.
posted Nov 15 2005 6:34PM - Keyboard Princess, St. Louis

I don't know whether Kathy wants the mentiion on the web, but Terry and Kathy's is a great place. The food is good - they have a "Full" bar menu - pizza, sandwiches, etc., but on Saturdays and Sundays when they have a band they close the kitchen at 3:00 pm, but usually have barbeque outside.

The service is excellent. The bartenders and customers are friendly. Terry and Kathy are the best. Great cross between a neighborhood and country bar.
posted Mar 6 2006 1:11PM - Anonymous, Augusta

I don't know whether Kathy wants the mentiion on the web, but Terry and Kathy's is a great place. The food is good - they have a "Full" bar menu - pizza, sandwiches, etc., but on Saturdays and Sundays when they have a band they close the kitchen at 3:00 pm, but usually have barbeque outside.

The service is excellent. The bartenders and customers are friendly. Terry and Kathy are the best. Great cross between a neighborhood and country bar.
posted Mar 6 2006 1:11PM - Anonymous, Augusta

I'm somewhat surprised that Kathy, the owner, would be upset if her business was mentioned on this web. If the owners didn't like having her business mentioned, then she should get her business name removed from all medias including newspapers, yellow page, and white page and forget advertising the business. What's the point of owning a business in the first place if she doesn't like her business mentioned. If I was the bar owner, I would be more than HAPPY to have my bar listed if it would means more business!!! It's FREE ADVERTISING space that costs her nothing! This is no different from spreading by word of mouth. I'd rather hear comments from the owner directly rather than hearing from a worker who works for them. It's more believable that way. Maybe the owners are web-illiterate who may have misunderstood the intention of listing one's business on a website.

I rode my bike there from St Charles and had a couple beers. It was nice to sit in their outdoor area to have a couple beers after a 21 miles ride. If it wasn't for the bike trail, this business would probably be deader than a dead man cuz it's a small town situated in the middle of Lewis and Clark's boondock. The owners should be grateful for increased business to afford them a retirement where they could be sitting on a beach somewhere in Florida sipping margarita! I know I would!!!! So let's not get too offended here. Just enjoy life, enjoy bike riding, enjoy serving business to bike riders and making money off from us, the riders. Heck, we've got two different type of bike riders...........the Harleys riders and the regular bicycle riders.
posted Jul 24 2006 8:21AM - Ralph, Litchfield

Does the owner Kathy know an employee posted this message? It makes me not want to go there. Why would she be upset having her restaruant on this page. Nothing bad was said about the place! You would think it would help boost business...or does she have enough already? I think the employee should have left it up to Kathy to post her own complaint or not!! Like it said, it makes me want to steer clear of the place, just because of the confuision.
posted Aug 7 2006 1:09PM - kcc, Bridgeton

kcc, your statement, "an employee posted this message" is the key. Remember the old saying, "Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you read."? In the blog world, what you read is as likely to be true as what you hear.

In September of 2005, I printed out the webpage of concern, showed it to her, she kindly helped me mark it up, and I e-mailed those marks to Ray. I don't have those marks handy, so I don't know if he updated the page.

From the little time I spent with Kathy, it was apparent that she's a go with the flow person and her policies might change with the wind (but almost definitely with the seasons). I don't think she cares what is on this website. She might have been upset at what someone told her someone said on this website, but that's a different matter.
posted Aug 7 2006 5:40PM - Nails

This is actually an old thread from over a year ago that bubbled back to the surface. Kathy was originally unhappy about some comments in a different, even older thread, that complained about their credit card policies. Nails was kind enough to help set the record straight, and everyone is happy at this point, as far as I know.
posted Aug 8 2006 8:42AM - Ray (webmaster)

There was also another post that was negative earlier.
But, as the saying goes you can't please everyone.....
or was that a song?
Also, if an employee posted something they heard Kathy saying, then just take that with a grain of salt.
Sounds like lots of postive feedback from this thread...and if I ever get out that way riding, I would love to check the place out.
posted Aug 27 2006 10:31AM - Mom who rides with her daughters, Lee's Summit

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