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staying in Columbia

6 of us riding the trail in Sept. Want to stay in Columbia. Any suggestions? Like to stay near trail, but not necessary. Clean and decent. Thanks..
posted Aug 6 2007 9:44PM - condean, Council Bluffs IA

i / we usually stay at the holiday inn select in columbia, just off I-70 at the north western edge off columbia (can't think what the cross street is right now), little expensive, but not bad, nice rooms, and only bouts 2-2 1/2 miles from the mkt fitness trail, which was a spur line off the katy. there is also another couple of hotels close, one next to it and one on the service road. can't tell you nuttin bouts them.

there is also a nice hotel at 63 and I-7o i-we've stsyed at with a hot continental breakfast, then you can drive down 63 to hartsurg or no. jefferson trailhead.

hope this helps, happy bikin, be safe
posted Aug 7 2007 7:56AM - Anonymous

We've stayed at the Holiday Inn Select also......I-70 and Stadium Drive. It's no more expensive than anywhere else along the I-70 corridor. There are several trail heads in town to connect to the spur leading to the Katy. Some hills to ride through town tho. City buses in Columbia have bike racks if you'd rather ride the bus through town.
posted Aug 7 2007 10:03AM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

I have stayed at the Holiday Inn Select. Stadium Drive and I-70. Very clean and they like cyclists. I came in during a rainstorm and the manager went and brought towels out to me while I registered. Easy ride from the Katy to the MKT trail west along Stadium Drive.
posted Aug 7 2007 6:20PM - Arkie

thanks trek biker and arkie. i could not think of stadium drive for anything.
posted Aug 7 2007 10:09PM - Anonymous

The Drury Inn on Stadium is just as nice as the HI, has a free breakfast, and is about $20 cheaper.
posted Aug 9 2007 12:12PM - trinjboro, Jonesboro, AR

In case you’d like to check availability or prices, and view photos & amenity lists...

Holiday Inn I-70 @ Stadium

Drury Inn I-70 @ Stadium

Quality Inn I-70 @ Providence Rd (not mentioned above but I've heard positive things in the past)

Columbia MO hotel/motel general listing

Happy trails!
posted Aug 9 2007 12:29PM - Ray (webmaster)

thanks for the info trinjboro. i did not know there was a druty inn in columbia. my preference is drury inn all the way.
posted Aug 9 2007 8:34PM - Anonymous

If you are biking or hiking the Katy Trail and plan to either start in Columbia or take the MKT spur into Columbia (at McBaine - Hindman Junction), you might want to go to www.visitcolumbiaMO.com. Our web site will provide information on area hotels, restaurants, attractions and more. The MKT spur comes into Flat Branch Park. Take the bridge across creek (M - F) to our visitor center. When you come in off the spur, you are just a block or so from Broadway and The District. Walk to Broadway and Ninth and explore from there. The District is chock full of unique boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, music venues and more. Wishing you the best Katy Trail experience!
posted Oct 18 2007 9:34AM - Lorah Steiner, Columbia, MO

I realize this is an old thread, but this info may help anyone riding from Katy Trail and looking for a nice, convenient hotel off Columbia, MO's trail system.

I did this ride Labor Day weekend, 2013 with my wife and 2 kids, 10 and 7 years old.

The Stony Creek Inn is easy to get to. Once you're off the trails, the last mile or so to the hotel is through a sub-division on low-traffic roads with sidewalks, then a short distance on easily bikeable roads. Here's a link for the map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/267243135

Click on "Notes/How to get there" for a cue sheet. Have fun and be safe!

Greg H.
posted Sep 2 2013 6:58AM - Greg H, Springfield, MO

I am a bit worried about that last mile since it it looks like you now have to go down to cross 163 (Providence) at E. Greenmeadow Rd. (That may have changed since you were there since it seems the directions didn't mention this?)

It appears that Greenmeadow Rd is a busy intersection so if anyone can comment on how difficult it is going to be to get through that intersection let me know as that appears to be the problem area.
posted Feb 6 2014 5:10PM - Barry

If you'd like to stay at Stoney Creek Inn, you can ride the trail all the way there until you get to Old Route K (at Reactor Field) and go south about 1/10 of a mile and you are there, no need to get on the street except for that 10th of a mile, but just know you will probably walk it, as it is a about a 20% incline or upslope.
You can take the Columbia MKT to the MU Recreation Trail and the first street you come to is Old Route K (aka Old Providence Rd).
You will see the MU Rec Trail Between the Forum and Stadium Trail Heads in Columbia.
posted Feb 15 2014 6:52AM - Will, Columbia, MO

Related, are the KK/K roads pretty good for surface, hills and traffic instead of the MKT from Scott Rd down to McBaine? For variety purpose too.
posted Feb 16 2014 8:54AM - Pseudio

I have only driven down KK and K and the roads are asfault and fairly smooth in the car, but I think the trail would be more interesting ride than those roads to get into town. But if you like to ride the roads, then its a good rural route on the weekends and holidays, but not work days, there is too much traffic.
There are hills and curves...
posted Feb 17 2014 10:23AM - Will, Columbia

Thanks Will for that info.

From looking at Google maps I see "Epple Field" so I assume that is the same field you call "Reactor". From there it is about .4 of a mile up the hill on Old Rt. K.

It doesn't look like there is even a shoulder to walk on but I take it you are saying one should be able to walk (or ride) on Rt. K up the hill and I guess cars will have to wait or go around you? That probably is better than going under Providence Rd and then winding back around through the neighborhood streets.

(Fwiw, I let a Podiatrist remove some bone on my foot and it totally messed up my foot and changed my life. Therefore I walk in pain and try and limit much walking and that is why I have to look at all these details to avoid walking if I can ride.)
posted Feb 19 2014 12:19PM - Barry

Barry, You are correct, it's Epple Field, sorry, it's a local thing to call that area Reactor. And as far as the traffic is concerned, you will be ok, there isn't much traffic on that short stretch of the Old Rt K, which is a side road. And another option is to go out and get on Providence Rd and go south. There is a wide shoulder going up the hill to Stoney Creek Inn. Now I have road my bike on that shoulder before during evening rush hour going home from work and had no problem riding my bike up the hill in a lower gear. And I had about a 3' wide shoulder. Hope this all has helped you plan your bike ride and hope you have a good ride?
posted Feb 24 2014 8:20AM - Will, Columbia

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