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First time on Katy- Suggestions/Advise

I am planning to ride the KATY for the first time in the next few weeks. While I've read information on the website I would appreciate any personal tips you could provide. I will park in Clinton and first question I have is it safe to park and leave your car at Trail Head for a couple days? Any place else you could suggest parking? I've just been riding for about a year so still pretty new. I have a Trek 7.7 Hybrid with Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase, 700x28c tires. Are those tires too thin for Katy surface? Anyother tips would appreciated. Thanks
posted May 25 2008 6:28AM - First time on Katy, Olathe

Park across the street at the Clinton Community center. Let them know you are leaving your car for a few days and they will watch it for you. The 700 by 28's work great on the trail. You should have no problems.
posted May 26 2008 12:55AM - Anonymous

I don't think you'll have any trouble parking in Clinton.
Keep in mind the 2008 Katy Trail Ride is June 16-20. This year the group is traveling from St. Charles to Clinton so if you go then you will be meeting 300+ bicycles and support personnel. Having said that I think you'll really enjoy the Katy Trail. June is a great time to ride!
posted May 27 2008 5:44PM - Dennis, Sedalia

Thank you for your suggestions, I appreciate. Buddy from Olathe.
posted May 28 2008 10:23AM - First time on Katy, Olathe

I rode the Katy from Clinton to St. Charles in early May. Fantastic trip, but I had four flats! I was using tubes with slime in them, and they just didn't hold up vs. the crushed limestone shards. Finally bought some thorn-resistant tubes at a little bike shop in Hermann, and had no more problems. The guy at the bike store said if you use thorn-resistant tubes, you'll be OK and it doesn't matter what kind of tires you have. He said he's never had a flat. They're heavier tubes, but well worth the little bit of extra weight.
posted May 29 2008 5:09PM - Mike, Denver

Hey 1st timer-My brother and I rode from Clinton to Boonville our first time. Constant peddling, wich is good exercise. We wanted a recreational ride, and wish we had gone from Sedalia to Clinton. 2nd time out, we went from Rocheport to Hartsburg. Now that was a nice ride. 300 ft bluffs on one side, the mighty MO on the other. I am of the opinion there isnt a bad place to start on the MKT. Do get a pocket map pamphlet though, so you can kinda keep track of where you are. Enjoy.
posted May 30 2008 2:43PM - Pat, Home of Harry Truman

Yes...park at the community center 1.5 blocks from the trailhead; leave your info at the front desk. The trail is hard and smooth most of the time. If it's warm, consider carrying extra water on its eastern half. It's lush and scenic there, but many trailheads don't have running water, although other establishments nearby do. Maybe a small camera, too? Enjoy it.
posted Jun 1 2008 1:47PM - jd, GKC

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