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Deon's Bar & Grill (Pilot Grove)

posted Jun 1 2008 11:53AM - Fred, Georgetown SC

Also the best bar food in town since it is the only place in open after 6PM. Ate there the other day, don't think I could have whipped any of the local gals. Gas mask also required to battle the smoking haze...
posted Jun 1 2008 7:26PM - Anonymous

Deon's is a small town bar...nothing more....nothing less. Pilot Grove is at the end of our first leg when we ride the whole trail and we always eat there. Colorful would be my description.
posted Jun 2 2008 11:29AM - Anonymous, St. Thomas

We biked from Sedalia to Rocheport this past Saturday and went to Deon's for lunch. We thought the cheeseburgers and fries were great and certainly hit the spot after our ride. The people were friendly and the restrooms were clean.
posted Jun 2 2008 1:52PM - Anonymous, Highland, IL

I check this site sporadically, but I still remember a previous post on this forum in which someone representing the trail towns was asking, "What can we do to bring more people into our Katy Trail towns, so they'll spend a little money our way?" A couple of people suggested that the townspeople needed to be a little friendlier to the bikers in order to gain their business. Friends, based on the first 2 comments in this post, it's crystal clear why some townspeople might not be thrilled with any dismissive, condescending, patronizing, or high-maintenance/low-feedback attitudes that some (thankfully, not all) of the bikers seem to exhibit. Many of these towns are developing, and they have to start somewhere.
posted Jun 4 2008 1:47PM - Biker, Farmington

I couldn't agree with Biker from Farmington more. If you're not having ; lower your standards. If you take time to apreciate the locals they just might take time to apreciate you.
posted Jun 4 2008 9:24PM - Deerslayer, Hermann

Amen to that, Deer
posted Jun 6 2008 7:14AM - gc, Columbia, Mo.

Fine dining it was not, but the place had a nice character. Plain hamburger, plain tater tots, plain beer, fun playing shuffleboard; just a simple diner among friendly people. Sometimes, a place like that is just where I want to be, and I liked it!
posted Jun 11 2008 6:51PM - Anonymous, Springfield

Last time visited, wanted to make nice with the locals. Took some flowers for the boys at the bar. Before I could get in, was jumped by 3 junk yard dogs. After a savage 4 hour battle, I staggered in with what was left of my body and flowers. Guys took one look at me asked about the dogs. One was beyond saving, so they decided to BBQ him. They were proud of me. Come to find out everyone in that bar hated those dogs. Bought me drinks. I love those guys, they are having a parade in my honor on the 4th of July. Biker dude saves town.
posted Jun 13 2008 9:25AM - Anonymous

Just try to get that type of entertainment at your average snooty piano bar. By the way.....did the flowers work?
posted Jun 13 2008 10:13AM - Anonymous, St. Thomas

From reading the account of this event, it appears that it is immaterial whether the flowers worked or not. There was a BBQ, a pending parade in honor of biker dude, and he got free drinks and probably to the dismay of the local gents he fell in love with them.
posted Jun 13 2008 10:37AM - Anonymous

Sad tail... Word was just received that biker dude past away. All signs point to his cause of demise as infected dog meat. Surly the parade on the 4th will be cancelled.
posted Jun 14 2008 10:52PM - Anonymous

The bar is under new management, by my mother and I, i hope everyone does stop back in the try the place out and please give feedback. We have all new foods, and the beer is always cold. We have all domestics, and a few imported.
posted Jun 25 2009 11:10AM - Rhys Minnick, Pilot grove

I've never been to Deon's, but I find anywhere with air conditioning, clean bathrooms, cold
drinks and protein receive a passing grade. (I always laugh at the "best cheeseburger"
posts--everything is the best cheeseburger after a long day on the trail!) Last I checked,
there aren't any Ruby Tuesdays' along the trail.

Thanks Rhys.
posted Jun 26 2009 9:43AM - cunninghamair, O'Fallon, MO

Is there anyplace to sit where no smoking is allowed? We may be riding that way this weekend, but our riding buddy can't be around smoke at all.
posted Jul 21 2009 1:55PM - hookedonbiking, KC

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