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Peers Store (Peers)

My ABSOLUTE favorite establishment on the entire KATY Trail! The ambiance, the service, the accomodations, the history....all represent a time when life was much simpler. If your ride takes you to or through this area, DO NOT pass up the opportunity to experience this true slice of Americana.
posted Jul 4 2008 6:48AM - Anonymous

I agree! It's like going back 50 years in time!
posted Jul 4 2008 10:35PM - KR, ST LOUIS

I agree on your comments about Peers store. I found the place while looking for lunch and a place out of the rain in May this year. Soup and a sandwich and what appeared to be most of the neighbors in the area. I would recommend this stop to anyone riding the trail.(pass on the coffee).
posted Jul 5 2008 11:45AM - mike p

Sounds like a place to visit on my trip this month. Where is Peers? I don't see it on the map.
posted Jul 6 2008 7:25AM - Marvin Winston, Maumelle

It's between Treloar and Marthasville. Here's a web page with Peers info. If you visit the store, be sure to ask about the flood of '93 - some interesting stories.
posted Jul 6 2008 7:30AM - Ray (webmaster)

Very nice people, offered pork-burger platters during the DRN trail ride. It's definitely worth the stop.
posted Jul 9 2008 11:28AM - Biker, Farmington, MO

The folks at Peers were very helpful to me for my recent overnight stay. I felt welcomed, trusted, and appreciated. A word of caution: the accommodations are spartan. The old-timey bed and squeaky ceiling fan were bothersome, but I put my sleeping bag on the floor in front of a box fan and slept like a baby. I didn't turn on the TV in the room, not even to watch the one movie in their video collection. The bathroom was the most unimpressive - a tub with a hand sprayer, not much water pressure and not much hot water. You aren't allowed to flush your toilet paper because it will clog up the pipes. But with all that said, if all you need is a place to sleep and a breakfast sandwich, do you really need to spend $60 more for a B&B?
posted Oct 15 2008 5:54PM - JasonA, Omaha, NE

We did not spent the nigth at Peers store on our Katy ride last month, but we did eat lunch there (very good), and took a look at the room. We plan to stay on our next trip. Look, this place is decades older than ANYONE riding the trail, so they may have issues with the piping and/or septic system. If you've been on a mission trip to a third world country, not flushing your potty paper is no big deal. If you want a mint and USA Today, stay at the fancy hotels in St. Louis. If you want to experience a bit of history stay at Peers Store!
posted Oct 17 2008 10:42AM - DICK GABRIEL, Marietta, GA

Ditto Peers store as a must stop on the trail. I pulled up there on a 90-plus degree day in late July this summer and was welcomed like an old friend. Well worth the stop and stay overnight if possible.
posted Oct 18 2008 5:12PM - patty from new york, waterville, ny

I wasn't going on a mission trip to a third-world country, I was in Missouri, where I'd like to flush a big wad of toilet paper. It wasn't a problem for me, I didn't have to go. But I didn't see any comments here about what to expect, and I figure I'm doing other trail users a favor by telling them how it is. Looks like there's some pretty fancy hotels in Marietta, too.
posted Oct 22 2008 12:29PM - JasonA, Omaha, NE

posted Oct 24 2008 6:06AM - Test

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