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daily distance

For a multi day trip, what is a manageable distance? I plan on carrying very light. Thanks.
posted Jul 20 2008 11:17PM - Mark, Oregon

The age old question.....how far can I ride? It all depends on your fitness level, how well your seat fits the bike seat and your motive. That varys for each individual. If you are in shape and the saddle is agreeing with the hind quarter push 100. If you are not in shape and are not familiar with the saddle go for 5 to 10. You should know from your daily activity/rides how in or out of shape you are. And you should know when the saddle becomes uncomfortable. And of course, only you know your motive....whether it be to enjoy the wildlife or to speed past everyone on the trail. The answer to your question lies within.
posted Jul 21 2008 8:28AM - Trek

Well, as right as Trek is, and he is; if you ride regularly(several times a week) 25-30 miles for exercise then 40-60 mile days shouldn't be too much. If you ride 10-30 several times a week then top out at 45 miles a day and you should have a good time.
posted Jul 21 2008 6:47PM - Les, Lawrence

I'd say that a good way to judge how in shape you are for riding the Katy is to think about how walking or jogging long distances tires you. If walking all day is no problem for you, you can probably ride all day at a medium pace with out a problem. This will probably allow you to ride about 30-40 miles. If you can walk for only an 1 to 2 hours before you start to tire, plan on riding for only a couple hours. This will allow you to get in 10-15 miles. The more you ride your bike, the farther you will be able to ride each time before getting tired. If you ride two or three times a week for a few weeks, 30-40 miles will probably become a pretty standard ride and 60-80 miles a day will start to seem very reachable. I recommend getting a digital bike speedometer/odometer from Wal-mart for like 10 bucks because it makes it easier to pace yourself.
posted Aug 16 2008 12:32AM - Matt, St. Charles

Most of my two cents has been addressed already, but there is one thing I would like to add as far as tolerating your seat, or the problem of sitting for extended distances. This is a problem that vexes many people. I found a strategy that worked for myself and for many people I have suggested try this idea. What I do is, at every mile marker I stand up and pedal for about 1/10 of a mile or a certain number of pedal strokes. This allows your rear to get some blood flowing again. I found that I went from making daily rides of 25 - 30 miles then increased up to 100 miles with ease by using this technique.
posted Sep 8 2008 2:25PM - Captain Kirk, Fayette, MO

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