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Crime at Weldon Spring trailhead

I've been to Weldon Spring 3 times in the last 2 weeks and have seen cars with windows broken out. Everyone stay alert and watch your valuables.
posted Aug 18 2008 12:04PM - DougK, Troy

Thanks for the heads up!
posted Aug 18 2008 4:22PM - Matt, St. Charles

Sounds like a good place for a nearby gunrange.
posted Aug 18 2008 9:03PM - Doug, Bluffton

Ahhhh....you've been keeping up Doug! Good one!
posted Aug 19 2008 8:09AM - Trek

Well,, I came to this world to have a good time. You humans; although easily sidetracked, are for the most part quite enjoyable and several are very astute. I would welcome your company. The conversation, I am sure, would be refreshing.
posted Aug 19 2008 4:57PM - Doug, Bluffton

Last week we went on a ride from Weldon Springs with our son and daughter-in-law. When
we got back their passenger side window was broken out and glove box open. We just got
back an hour ago from a ride there and there were 4 additional patches of broken glass along
the parking lot. BE CAREFUL and don't get back after dusk. It's a shame. We have been
biking from there for the last 2 years. Guess we'll have to drive farther away to start a bike
ride. Don't really know who to report this to. It is fairly secluded area and I'm sure there will
not be an officer assigned to watch the parking lot.
posted Aug 19 2008 8:17PM - Okydokey

Call the responsible Sheriffs Dept. It's thier job. Call them, complain. If your a victim, have a report taken. A lot of people are hesitant to call the law for whatever reason. A stakeout and bust is the solution. Cops love this stuff. I know I do. Probably a local meth-head they know.
posted Aug 20 2008 7:16PM - Bike Cop, KCMO

Thanks for the interest. My son and daughter-in-law reported it to the St, Charles country
sheriff's dept. the day their car was broken into. Hope he/she/they get caught and
posted Aug 20 2008 8:16PM - Okydokey

Guns, that's the answer. There's nothing more dangerous than a hot, peeved off hiker/biker packin heat.
posted Aug 24 2008 8:17PM - DougK, Troy

We had a purse stolen out of our vehicle at the weldon spring trailhead recently. (Reported to sheriff's dept.) They didn't break the window, I wonder if my remote got bumped while I was riding and unlocked it.
posted Jul 27 2012 1:12PM - sk, st. louis

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