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davis-dale conservation area cemeteries

i have family buried in the ebenezer church cemetery in the davis-dale conservation area and it is so overgrown with tall trees and tall weeds that i could not get to the cemetery,i find it appauling that families that have family members buried in cemeteries in the davis-dale conservation area cannot have access to the cemeteries.i am mad that i am not allowed to visit my family who are buried in the ebenezer church cemetery.the conservation agents or the forestry service is not doing their jobs by keeping these cemeteries accessible to us.i want something done post haste!!!!!!!!
carla jean page
re:snell family buried in the ebenezer church cemetery
davis-dale conservation area
posted Aug 22 2008 1:15PM - carla jean page, columbia,mo.

That is unfortunate. I'm curious to know why the rant here though? I don't think the average Katy rider is responsible in any fashion for this? If you would like something done "post haste" what are you doing wasting time posting on this forum, when you could have been contacting someone who can fix your problem?
posted Aug 22 2008 1:53PM - Trek

If it means that much to you get out And take your weedeater and get to work. Don't blame it on people that DON'T have family there. Hey Ray, how about you just delete this thread?
posted Aug 22 2008 6:54PM - Doug, Bluffton

Try again during the winter when there are no bugs and the grass/plants are much easier to trudge through. It sounds like it's been awhile since you've last been there so waiting a few months shouldn't be a problem.
There is an area off Katy trail in the davis dale conservation area I like to visit and it seems they mow it once every few months, maybe if you let them know they could send the mower out to where your family is buried.
posted Aug 22 2008 8:40PM - Anonymous

Sorry to hear about that. But as others have indicated, you're barking up the wrong tree - Davisdale is managed by the Mo Department of Conservation. They're not affiliated with the Katy Trail (that's the Dept of Natural Resources) and they will never see your message here. Try http://www.mdc.mo.gov/ - good luck.
posted Aug 22 2008 10:41PM - Ray (webmaster)

My first thought is if you are that bent out of shape about the cemetary, stop wasting your time making a fuss out of the issue, (in the wrong place no less), and actually DO something. What about personal responsibility for tending your families graves? Like Doug said, get out a weedeater and go to town.
posted Aug 28 2008 4:42PM - Jennifer, Knob Noster

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