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Should I Wear the Helmet?

Should I bring my helmet? I normally wear a bike helmet on commutes to work and when mountain riding on rocky trails. On the Katy, I fear the sun will burn my scalp through the vents in the helmet. Do most people wear a helmet when riding the Katy Trail? Are there any requirements by the State Parks Department? Thanks.
posted Aug 25 2008 5:02AM - Captain James Brock, Carlsbad CA

YES, Always wear your helmet. You may not need it 99.9% of the time but the .01% you do need it, youll be glad you wore it.

posted Aug 25 2008 8:18AM - Paulie, Knoxville TN

The state recommends helmets but does not require them. Personally I always wear one, because there are lots of hard objects out there (rocks, trees, atc.) that could really do a number on your brain if you take a spill. Nobody ever plans to have an accident, right? I still have a family to provide for, which I really would not be able to do with a brain injury - so I have to protect that brain. I've seen head injury cases in a nursing home - not gonna be one myself.
posted Aug 25 2008 9:01AM - Psychlist

I personally feel that I am at more of a risk of crashing on the gravel trails than I do on the
roads. The surface is normally good on the KATY but anytime you are on gravel there is
always that risk.

All it takes is a walnut, large stick facing the wrong direction or a washed out spot to put you
down and anytime you go down you can hit your head.

posted Aug 25 2008 9:47AM - Robert, Columbia

D. All of the above plus the risk of whacking your head on an overhanging limb. A small limb can put quite a gash in your scalp.
posted Aug 25 2008 10:28AM - Doug, Bluffton

If you stop at Deon's (Pilot Grove) you would be very wise to wear your helmet. In fact I wear my full catchers protection gear. The face mask comes in might handy to deflect those flying beer bottles..
posted Aug 25 2008 7:42PM - Anonymous

My bald-headed dad and my thinning-hair husband wear bandanas do-rag style under their helmets. The thin cotton soaks up the sweat and prevents sunburn.
posted Aug 26 2008 12:57PM - Biker, Farmington, MO

I took a spill on my bike in a parking lot and I was going one mile an hour. I slowed down to a near stop and couldn't get my right cleet out of the socket and tipped over ...on my head! My helmet hit the asphalt and cracked the helmet in several places. I am a believer, wear the helmet!
posted Aug 26 2008 4:48PM - Dana Dunn, Lansing, KS

we did not wear a helmet when we road the trail... honestly i know i might be the devils
advocate but i cant see a reason why?? if you are accident prone maybe... we ride fixed gear
road tires and had no problem with terrain .... honestly i saw one guy wearing a helmet... it
was crazy hot out and i think it was hindering him more than helping him.....
posted Aug 28 2008 10:46PM - matt headley, wichita

Absolutely wear your helmet. The air vents give you plenty of ventilation, and whether you ride, rode, or have ridden, it protects you. Amen on not getting out of your pedals at low speed and the helmet saving you!
posted Aug 29 2008 7:14AM - Frank, Hillsboro

Thanks for all the input. I will bring the head bucket, and if I bring it, the only good place to carry it is on my head! BTW, I don't clip in. I cut a piece of T-shirt to wear under the helmet. It hangs down to cover my neck too, so I will look like an arabian shiek.
posted Sep 2 2008 3:03PM - Captain Brock, Carlsbad CA

I once read of an experienced cyclist throwing a chain and going over the handlebars--
everyone in my family has worn one since.
posted Sep 3 2008 9:29PM - cunninghamair, O''''Fallon, MO

I think that is a problem for every body, I have a 13 year old who bikes to school everyday. And she doesn't wear a helmet so it burns even through her hair, I'm thinking of having her wear baseball hat or something, and I have the same problem, I had tennis club and I would bike there and bike in the summer and it gave me a burn, too, so I feel ya sister.
posted Nov 3 2017 6:55PM - Amanda, Miami-Dade County

Please, Please, Please wear a helmet. Work for one week in an emergency room and witness the head traumas that come in because people don't wear bike helmets will certainly get your attention! Helmets are like seat belts... they save lives and should be required!
posted Nov 3 2017 7:12PM - Anonymous

I just used Google for some quick research. The numbers are very high for head injuries. Injuries are not always a result of high speeds or aggressive riding. Simply falling from even a stopped position could be dangerous.
posted Nov 3 2017 11:42PM - Anonymous

Yes, wear the helmet. I have heard stories over the years of incidents w/deer. I have had deer run in front of me as well, so I wear the helmet. I know it sounds funny, but I know of someone that had a collision w/a deer, had a helmet on, and still had a concussion. For me personally, this is the main reason I wear one. The other reason is to set a good example for kids that may be watching. You never know what you will come across, so better safe than sorry.
posted Nov 6 2017 9:22AM - Amanda, Rhineland

I once had the back wheel of my bike come off when beginning to pedal from a complete stop and hit the ground directly on my helmet and I was so glad I had it on. I hang my helmet on my handlebars so it's always their and wear it 100% of the time. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET.
posted Nov 26 2017 11:33AM - Anonymous

I ride a thousands of miles every year, 99% on bike trails. In the last 10 years, I have cracked 4 helmets from accidents. Only one of those was due to my inattention. In one of those accidents, I would probably have been killed if not for the helmet. ALWAYS WEAR THE HELMET!
posted Nov 27 2017 9:43AM - BikerBoy, Maryville, IL

Absolutely! Wasn't it just last year a man was severly injured from a falling rock from the bluffs near Klondike park? Plus, you look cooler!
posted Jan 12 2018 2:53PM - JK, St. Louis

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