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Victory Shuttle & Taxi Service (Sedalia)

How much do they charge for one-way from Sedalia to Clinton with bike? Thanks!
posted Sep 4 2008 2:29PM - cliff, carolina

Your nickel.....call'em and let us all know.

660-221-7783 / 660-221-7795
posted Sep 4 2008 2:52PM - Anonymous

I called and they will charge $65 for a one-way trip, with bike.
posted Apr 7 2010 1:01PM - Jeremy, St. Louis

Is the $65 charge per person or per group?
posted Sep 21 2010 11:05AM - Marc, Cincinnati

Called today. Current charge for one ride & one bike is $70 to get from Sedalia to Clinton.
posted Sep 14 2014 1:08PM - fraylock

We picked up a shuttle in Sedalia for Clinton ib 09/02/16. Two bikes and a trailer. We thought the shuttle would be a van or at least a pull behind trailer, but it was a small sedan and a small bike rack that only held two bikes. Luckily the trailer fit in the trunk! Was not very comfortable with the bike tie down arrangements and the old, broken bike rack. Cost was $70. Advice is to ask the shuttle service how they plan to transport the bikes if you have concern. Nice driver, enjoyable ride, just was not too satisfied with the bike shuttle arrangements. Good luck.
posted Sep 9 2016 8:20AM - PTM, St. Louis

You know, when I volunteered shuttles when part of the trail was closed, I would ask what kind of bikes I needed to shuttle, I would get replies "normal bikes" and when I picked them up, they would be all kinds of weird bikes that did not fit well on my racks. It is very important that people give accurate discriptions of their bikes and other special needs such as trailers etc. I made made it work, but it would have been best for both parties if the people wanting shuttles would communicate accurate information. Just my two cents, take I or leave it.
posted Sep 10 2016 1:46AM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

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