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Wed. 9/17/08 10:30 AM at mile 111 on the trail the water dropped over 1 foot during the night and is currently dropping at the rate of 1 inch an hour. Water has not gone over the trail here but was over at 114 on tuesday at 2:00 PM. Will check and update later in the day.
posted Sep 17 2008 10:41AM - Doug, Bluffton

9/17/08 7:30 PM, Water at MM 111 is dropping at over an inch per hour. Trail at 114 is no longer under water. Trail at 116 was still under water at 4:30 PM deep enough that a local that came thru told me "I wish I hadn't." That was the only spot between Hartsburg and Hermann that I saw still under water. There are still rough spots where the top has washed and the lead to bridge at Auxvasse River have been washed away. The road there is very close tho and it is easy to get around that bridge. There might be others with this problem, I do not know. A grain of salt.
posted Sep 17 2008 7:52PM - Doug, Bluffton

I rode the Hamburg down to the KATY this evening. They intersect a little west of the Weldon Spring trailhead. Between the intersection and Weldon Spring TH it is dry with a rough spot right by the intersection. To the west it's a little wetter but receding quickly it appears. I could see water over a little of the trail just west of the intersection.

I rode out to the Weldon Spring boat ramp. The NWS river forecast showed it cresting in St. Charles today. At the Weldon Spring ramp you could tell the river had been about a foot higher than it was currently.
posted Sep 17 2008 8:05PM - Ken, St. Charles

Here's the latest from DNR, at about 12:15 this afternoon they deleted the closures around mm 58:

9/18/08 -- The following sections of trail are closed due to flooding or flood damage:

MM 115.9 (Portland) to MM 125 (Mokane)
MM 179 to MM 182.3 (just west of Rocheport)

Doug, you were saying that 116 mm still had water on it, by looking at the map, it looks like it's fairy easy to get around this on highway 94, am I wrong?
I'll probably be going from jefferson city to st charles Friday morning, so it looks like I have a pretty good shot now that the eastern part of the trail is open.
posted Sep 18 2008 12:34PM - Tom, columbia

Too bad the folks who run the Tour De Vine don't have your confidence. They canceled the St. Charles -> Herman leg this morning. I am thinking they couldn't wait for the DNR update or they know something the rest of us don't.
posted Sep 18 2008 1:34PM - 4Knots2NoWhere, Chesterfield

Tom, and all concerned; the Katy no longet has water on it at mm 115.9 or anywhere else between Hermann and Hartsburg. Mud yes, water no. 94 at mm 116 is actually lower than the trail so it is still underwater as of 5:00 PM. and the farmers there are having to use the trail to get in and out but riders are getting thru safely. Ramps at some bridges washed out but you can step up onto a very slick mud covered bridge. Like snot on ice. Better to use the road to get around the bridge where possible. Water level at mm 111 has dropped several feet today.
posted Sep 18 2008 5:37PM - Doug, Bluffton

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