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I have a group planning to ride from SaDelia to St. Charles this weekend.
Does anyone have an update besides the MO St. Parks site. should we
go or no go. the rive will be below flood stage the whole way.

posted Sep 17 2008 8:46PM - jim Surrell, O'Fallon MO

GO! The weather is going to be fantastic and the river is dropping by the minute.
posted Sep 17 2008 8:52PM - Doug, Bluffton

Here is a link to the Hermann hydrograph.

posted Sep 17 2008 9:16PM - Arkie

I have a group of four that are planing a 100 mile ride from Rocheport - Mokane and back. We are hoping for the best because the weather should be stellar! On Thur I am doing a 50 mile ride from Rocheport to Hartsburg to check the status of the trail. If you check this on Thur night I will update this post.
posted Sep 18 2008 12:19AM - captain kirk, Fayette, MO

We, my daughter and I, are planning on leaving tomorrow morning to bike as much of the trail as we can. We will be leaving from Clinton, and trying to make it to Huntsdale by Sat. What are the possibilities of getting through? It appears that the trail is closed, or at least really wet, from Rocheport on east. What is the possibility that the trail will be clear all the way to St. Charles by Sunday the 21st? Any news from those "on the ground" would be appreciated.
posted Sep 18 2008 9:50AM - frogger, NW MO

Well, I went from Rocheport South to about a mile past Easley today and here is what I have to report. The Trail is fine except for some severe damage between the MKT Spur (MM 170) to the Perche Creek Bridge at McBaine. It is about 100 yard stretch that is close to un-ride able. Then 1/2 mile later there was a 1/2 mile stretch where there was soft mud on the trail that should be dried out by Sat. I expect that the section above Hartsburg near Wilton will probably show some damage too. Prior to heading towards Easley I went North through the Rocheport tunnel to check the water level between Rocheport and Hwy 40 (MM 179 - 181.5). This is usually the first section to flood when the Missouri river starts rising. It was clear of water. So, I would say that the trail is good to go except for some bad spots that I stated before and there is also another place of possible trail damage between Franklin and Hwy 87 (MM 189.5). There were also a couple of fallen trees immediately North of the Rocheport Tunnel, but you can ride under/around them.
posted Sep 18 2008 7:36PM - Captain Kirk, Fayette, MO

Captain Kirk, What did McBaine look like? Did you see any activity in and around Lucy's Bar & Grill?
posted Sep 18 2008 7:53PM - MrSpock, LSMO

McBaine looks bad. The flash flood that went down Perche Creek really nailed McBaine as well as the trail. I would say that there was at least a couple of feet of water in Lucy's. The back wall looked wet up to about two feet from the ground and a trailer was looking water logged.
posted Sep 22 2008 2:56PM - captain kirk, Fayette, MO

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