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Questions about Jefferson City....


I am hoping for some guidance from those who have done this before me.
I am planning a trip down part of the trail. I am going to take AmTrak from St. Louis to Jefferson City and start from there (I only have two days). From what I can tell, the only way across the river is to ride 54/63. I have read some of the forums that report that this is a highway. That being the case, is there an emergency lane on the bridge? From what I can tell from the satellite pictures, I only have to go as far as the first offramp.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Get out there and ride,
posted Sep 17 2008 9:01PM - David, St. Louis, MO

You will cross the Mighty Mo on a bike lane. It is located on the downstream (east) side of the bridge which is slaso the northbound lane. While busy, unless you are careless or a child, it is easily managed. Take the first exit and it will carry you to the trail.
posted Sep 17 2008 9:14PM - Arkie

Arkie is right. When you get to top of ramp at first exit you will cross the bridge going to your left(west) and as you do will see the spur trail,parking lot and pavillon to your right (north) and take it out to the Katy. Super easy.
posted Sep 17 2008 11:10PM - Doug, Bluffton

In my view the bridge at Jefferson City is dangerous to cycle across. The "bike lane" is separated only by a white line from three lanes of 60 mph traffic. The local taxi company will transport you and bikes for about $10 - $15. Checker Cab 573-636-7101. They do not require advance notice for bikes.
posted Sep 20 2008 7:44AM - Henry, Columbia, MO

The Jeff City bridge is OK--wide lane for bikes, but not separated like the bridge at Hermann. The one I would NOT cross on my bike is the Washington bridge!
posted Sep 25 2008 11:31AM - DICK GABRIEL, Marietta, GA

I agree that the Jeff City bridge is not difficult--I hate traffic, but it was a very WIDE
shoulder. We did it on a quiet Saturday morning, and most cars moved over a lane to give
us room.
posted Sep 27 2008 7:56PM - cunninghamair, O Fallon, MO

Timing is everything when crossing the Missouri at Jefferson City. It can be a frightening experience if you try to cross it during rush hours on weekdays. This is because you have traffic from Highways 50 and Highway 54 plus two local streets entrance ramps all merging down to three lanes at the head of the bridge with everyone jockeying for positions to be in the two left lanes. If you are riding into town you will be facing this madhouse with a four inch white paint line separating you from them. It's an exhilarating experience.
posted Oct 1 2008 8:58PM - Gary near Tebbetts, Tebbetts

Stay in Hartsburg.. You are 20 seconds from the trail... No bridge to mess with.
posted Oct 1 2008 11:04PM - Anonymous

"Stay in Hartsburg.. You are 20 seconds from the trail... No bridge to mess with. "

I believe he said he was taking AmTrak to JC. There is no way to get to Hartsburg from JC without "messing" with the bridge.
posted Oct 2 2008 9:22AM - Jim, St. Thomas

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