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B & L Shuttle (Sedalia)

Is it possible to be picked up in Boonville? We will be biking tomorow from Sedalia to Boonville and will need transportation to come back in the afternoon.
posted Oct 16 2008 12:38PM - Juro, Olathe, ks

It may be best to directly contact the shuttle service and ask them about it.....probably no one here gonna act on their behalf and give you a lift.
posted Oct 16 2008 1:24PM - Trek

Right on Trek. People this has been covered before! If you want to know what service a business can provide then contact THEM! Asking here makes as much sense as walking down the street shouting at windows to find out if the laundry is open. Call the business. They will be more than willing and able to give you accurate answers to your questions about them.
posted Oct 16 2008 9:07PM - Doug, Bluffton

Hay Guys do you think Juro might have just wanted the phone number of a local shuttle service and being from another state, not having that info available to them.
posted Oct 20 2008 6:17PM - barf, clinton

Ahhhhhhh, How about clicking on "Plan a Ride" in the above menu bar, and picking the shuttle box as one of the plan options?
posted Oct 20 2008 7:59PM - Gary near Tebbetts, Tebbetts

Jeeeezzzz, I thought people who used the Katy Trail were nice?? How about helping the guy out instead of taking his head off. Some of us are new to this, you snobs.
posted May 3 2009 10:36AM - Ane, Overland Park KS

Snobs? There are several resources available on this website to plan a trip down the Katy Trail. From the home page, there is a purple-colored bar running across the page horizontally, with several options:
1. The second one is "Towns & Services." Click on that option, and scroll down to "Boonville." Click on the word "Boonville" and there is a company listed with the telephone number.
2. From the previous page, the third option on the purple-colored bar is "Plan a Trip." This really is a great way to find everything someone would need to bike/hike the Katy Trail.

Though I would never discourage anyone from posting to the forum, I am not sure why you replied to a conversation from October 16th (last reply was October 20th) of last year. A point worth noting is that you are the only one who has resorted to name calling. Please think about what you write before you click on the green "Submit Comment" button.

Good luck on your ride.
posted May 5 2009 8:31AM - David in StL, St. Louis

Yea....gotta love it when an old thread is dug up just for sake of flame throwing. Isn't letting someone know how to get accurate information helping them out?
posted May 5 2009 11:38AM - Trek

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