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This will take care of your dog problems

I have been commuting to work, 25 miles round trip for 12 years. People often ask me if I have trouble with traffic on the road. I always tell them, the only problems I have is dogs. I have tried a variety of things (most of them legal), but some country dogs just live to bother cyclists. I am not a dog hater; I just want to ride down the road without being bothered. I’ve tried stopping and making friends, but these kind of dogs are not interested. This week I found something that works: for about $4 at WalMart you can get a small air horn (about the size of a roll of quarters). Take the “bugle” part off the cap. I wouldn’t advise testing it indoors. Next time a dog comes at you, give him a blast, I guarantee he turn around and run.
posted May 5 2009 9:45AM - chrisJ, Centralia IL

This is good to know. I will be sure to try it. Thanks for the tip!
posted May 5 2009 10:12AM - Anonymous

We used your screech horn on a mean black dog today and it worked just like you said it would! Looks like we can ride in the country safely now. Thanks!
posted May 7 2009 7:22PM - TJJ

It might be added this little compressed-air beauty is found in the party-favors part of the store. It's loud as is. Wonder how many little kiddies will be needing hearing aids before long? :) :)
posted May 8 2009 10:42AM - jd, gkc

UPDATE: This device works very well the first time you use it, but becomes somewhat less effective on subsequent dog confrontations. In other words, it works best the first time you use it on a single dog, but when the dogs come in a pack of five, they seem to disregaurd it when you see them the next day.
posted May 21 2009 3:07PM - chrisJ, Centralia IL

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