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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments
Clifton City

Yes, PLEASE Missouri DNR---do whatever is necessary to make water available at ALL Katy Trial trailheads. You have a nationally-known and nationally-utilized trail here---YOU CAN MAKE IT BETTER! Thanks for making it available!
posted May 13 2009 9:04PM - lrc, Leon Iowa

Some of the time better comes with a cost. And other times things are okay as they are in that they don't cost. It would be nice to have running water at each trailhead....then everyone would want for something more than a vault toilet. You know....if you give a mouse a cookie... The cost would be to the Missouri tax payers, or we could charge everyone to use the trail like Iowa, Nebraska, etc.
posted May 14 2009 8:18AM - Trek

Trek, I would not be opposed to paying a fee to ride the Katy. I live in Kansas but ride the Katy often. The trail I ride in Kansas is the Prairie Spirit Trail and they charge 3.50 a day, or you can purchase an yearly pass for 12.15. This trail does not even come close to being the trail that the Katy is, just closer for a day ride. If the fee was reasonable like the Prairie Trail I would be in favor of it. Just my two cents from a Jayhawk who would be willing to pay his fair share. I do manage a buisness in MO. so I guess I do help pay a little.
posted May 15 2009 11:00AM - Cliff, Edwardsville Ks

I've been saying it for a few years: The state really needs to figure out a way to get water to all the trailheads. Stimulus money?
posted May 19 2009 7:17AM - Anonymous

I'd really be curious to know the number of trailhead locations that do not have water. At some locations, water may not be available by DNR at the trailhead but water is available in the town. Maybe that is the case in Clifton City. If so, why would the state have a burden to provide something that is already provided? It's an outdoor backwoods trail.....not a city bike path.

The same discussion could be made about other trail provisions too. Shouldn't every town along the way have a well groomed shaded park with a cafe like Dotties and hotel like the Frederick or a B&B like Hermann Hill? I'd think bike service in each town would be nice too...

I'm not against pay for use. We rode the Raccoon River Trail in Iowa last weekend and paid more than the required fee. But we didn't feel slighted when all trailheads and towns were not up to par like Panora.
posted May 19 2009 8:35AM - Trek

I think we need to start a thread that lists all the trailheads with water at the trailhead itself, or if no water avail, where the closest water can be found. If everyone can add their 2 cents worth for the trailheads they're familiar with, it will be a good resource for riders.
Trek, hubby and I are thinking about doing the Racoon River Trail, is it truly all paved for 57 miles??
posted May 21 2009 10:53AM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

Yes, MAH....the Raccoon River Trail is all paved. It's asphalt with some sections that are cement...five miles or so south of Panora is cement. We stayed at The House on Russell (trailsidelodging I think...link on the RRVT.org website) in Jefferson. June 6 or so is a music fest where you ride south out of Jefferson and local musicians are set up along the trail and play. We're thinking of going back with the tandem while its still cool out.
posted May 21 2009 1:18PM - Trek

Trek & MAH -- I wanted to add that the Raccoon River Valley Trail comes into Waukee (the western-most suburb of Des Moines) and connects to the Greenbelt Trail, which connects to another system that will take you to downtown Des Moines, so you can get another 10-15 miles on that. Central Iowa has a great trail system! I have never been west of Adel (7 miles west of Waukee) on the trail system because I mostly travel on foot rather than bike, but I hope to see some of it on my new bike this summer. :-)
posted May 21 2009 2:34PM - Wendy, Des Moines, IA

Yep.....you surely need a bike then Wendy. Check the bike shop out in Waukee.....they were friendly folks and eager to help out the out of towner.
posted May 21 2009 3:14PM - Trek

Clifton City really needs a running water faucet. The town is basically the low point between
two 12 mile climbs. The last six miles to Sedalia are all uphill and the grade midway to Pilot
Grove is fairly long and intense compared to the rest of the trail. Either way you are going,
filling up with water at Clifton City would be a quite helpful.
posted May 21 2009 3:37PM - Green Machine, Lawrence, Ks

There are more than a few long dry stretches. Stumulus? That was a political payoff and ploy. I sure don't feel stimulated! Do yo?
posted May 23 2011 9:32PM - CDFM, Archie

If you'd like upgrades, feel free to contribute.
The trail didn't build itself. Kudos to the Jones family for giving back.
posted May 24 2011 9:51AM - Just sayin', KC

I don't know why everyone is so eager to have water at every trail head. After seeing what people dump in the creeks between sedalia and boonville(oil cans, tires, etc), I would rather stick to my dehydration. I'm pretty sure the small towns use ground water, and as a rider I wouldn't trust its cleanliness. Although the water fountain at the Rochport trail head is ice cold and really good for pouring water on your head to cool off. To be safe from hydration just carry at least a half gallon of fluids on the bike and buy gatorade or bottled water whenever you reach a gas station.
posted May 24 2011 1:04PM - Anonymous

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