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Water availability at trailheads...

Time to start a thread for everyone to post re what trailheads have water avail and if not, where the closest water would be.
I'm most familiar with the western end so here goes:
Clinton - running water at trailhead
Calhoun - the trailhead is up a slight hill and I'm not sure (anyone?), but if you cut over to the main road, there is a gas station with most anything you would need.
Windsor - running water at trailhead. Also a Casey's directly across for any other needs/wants.
GreenRidge - running water at trailhead and Casey's just north of trailhead on main road.
Sedalia - running water at the depot trailhead
Clifton city - no water at trailhead
Pilot Grove - running water at trailhead and grocery store directly across.
Boonville - running water at trailhead.
posted May 21 2009 11:00AM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

Or you could just click on the Mileage Chart link above, Ray has already provided what you are looking for.
posted May 21 2009 11:16PM - Gary near Tebbetts, Tebbetts

Good point. There are a few though that aren't really clear if the water is at the trailhead or you have to go to a business (I noticed this for Huntsdale and Easley).
I would be helpful to know where to find the closest water if in fact there is none at the trailhead itself.
posted May 22 2009 8:26AM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

Although, I understand it is logistics and budget--there are sections near us without water.
We carry 2-24 oz bottles while riding, but even in the heat of the summer this is tight.

St. Charles to Defiance is 19.6 miles without a water stop. Peers (store) to McKittrick (if you
miss the stop in Treloar) is 20.7 miles.
posted May 24 2009 7:47AM - cunninghamair, O'Fallon, MO

Also(I think):
New Franklin - water at trailhead. Caseys downtown north.
Rocheport - water at trailhead. Cafes/B&B's downtown nearby.
McBaine - water at trailhead. Bar-grill nearby west.
Hartsburg - water at trailhead. Cafe/bar-grill/B&B's near trail.
North Jefferson - water at trailhead. Downtown south.
Tebbetts - no water at trailhead. Water at shelter and bar-grill.
Mokane - no water at trailhead. Water at the market, 2-blocks north.
Portland - no water at trailhead. Bar-grill nearby north.
Bluffton (not a trailhead); B&B and campground nearby.
Rhineland (not a trailhead); bar-cafe on the strip (restrooms).
McKittrick - water at trailhead. Convenience store 1/2-mile south.
Treloar - no water at trailhead. Bar-grill nearby with open sink.
Peers - (not a trailhead); well-frequented store near trail.
Marthasville - no water at trailhead. Gas station and pop-machines.
Dutzow - water at trailhead. Bar-cafe next to trailhead.
Augusta - no water at trailhead. Cafe downtown north.
Matson - no water at trailhead. Wineries in vicinity.
Defiance (not a trailhead); bargrills/B&B near trail.
Weldon Springs - no water at trailhead.
Green Bottoms - no water at trailhead.
St Charles - water at trailhead w/ large restrooms.

posted May 25 2009 9:32AM - jd, gkc

Just wanted to pass on a little tip to help with the confusion regarding what services are provided at the trail head and what are provided in the community. There are signs along the trail that indicate when you are approaching a town or trail head. Those signs have universal symbols to indicate what services are provided. Those symbols in green indicate the services provided by Katy Trail State Park at the trail head -- water, restrooms, parking, etc. The symbols in blue indicate the services provided by the town. Not every town has a trail head and not every trail head is in a town.
posted May 26 2009 10:18AM - Dawn (Katy Trail Coordinator)

Good point on the color-coded facilties listed on the signage at each town and trailhead. I didn't know that.

The water issue becomes more serious during the hot weather weeks. Yet, water can be found in still more places than those already listed. If really necessary (emergency), it can be found at public or private campgrounds, public-use buildings that might have open spigots, fishing camps, and country/hamlet homes near the trail. Most citizens will help a thirsty rider out.

We could also list more stores, like, Catfish Kates, Clayville Store,
Coopers Landing, Thai Cafe, and Steedmans (now closed for a while) to name a few. Hmm. I'm getting hungry... :)
posted May 27 2009 4:22PM - jd, gkc

Last mid-to-late October I rode from Clinton to Portland. On more than one occasion, I found the water turned off and bathrooms locked - once in an area that offered no alternatives (to the water, that is). It was my understanding that water is turned off on November first. And yes, there are a few stretches where there isn't much water. A couple with extra gave us some water at one point (God bless them!). Something to think about if you go riding late in the season...
posted May 28 2009 12:27PM - Robb, Kansas City

I ride regularly from St. Charles to Augusta. A water bottle doesn't cut it on a hot day. Best investment ever made was a Camelbak. I bought the 100 oz. because you can never have too much water but the added weight could annoy some. Any brand/size hydration pack will do.

Plus I have a tough time multi-tasking (drinking + riding simultaneously) :P
posted May 29 2009 5:32AM - MD, St. Chuck

-RETRACTION- from the above comment on water sources. Most of the trail literature says no running water exists at the McKittrick trailhead. My mistake, among others. I vaguely remember a chemical toilet there, too.

However, I did locate the Calhoun trailhead during a recent ride on the west end. It’s located at the north end of Calhoun, and it cannot be seen from the trail because of the foliage. It’s 3-to-4 blocks north of the east-west overpass crossing the trail into Calhoun. A small graveled farm road crosses the trail there. On the southeast quadrant there, a small driveway appear to go east and then curve south around the trees next to the trail. That driveway-apparent is a short uphill path up to the trailhead where the covered information board, maps, and water fountain are. I’m probably not the only one who’s ridden by it more than once without seeing it.

Anyway, all the tree tunnels and canopies, creeks, and the tall grass/wildflower restorations between Clinton and Sedalia were fabulous to see.
posted May 29 2009 8:46AM - jd, gkc

Retraction: the Marthasville trailhead does have running water, but no outside drinking fountain that I could see. The running water is in the restrooms with flush toilets and big goose-neck sink spouts that a rider can put his/her head under for cooling down fast. Nice!
posted Sep 22 2009 8:34AM - jd, gkc

I just wanted to update everyone on the seasonality of water availability on the West end of the Katy Trail (Boonville to Clinton). We are going to turn off all Trailhead water and restrooms on November 2, 2009 and turn it back on by April 15, 2010. There will still be water inside the Depot Store in Sedalia.

Ride Safely; Keith, West End Katy Manager
posted Sep 23 2009 5:38PM - Keith, Knob Noster

In a follow up to Keith's comments. The store is open 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and 10 to 3 on
Sat's. I am usually in at 8 am and leave at 6 pm during the week., and in at 9am and leave at
4 pm on Sat. We have bathrooms inside as well as water. There is a great museum and gift
shop with Katy Trail items as well
Happy Trails Linda.

posted Sep 24 2009 8:41AM - Linda @Sedalia Katy Depot, Sedalia

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