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Missouri river access from katy trail

I would like to kayak sections of the Missouri River and ride my bike back to my put-in to pick up my vehicle (with my kayak in tow behind the bike). Can anybody offer suggestions on areas along the katy trail where I can secure my bike beforehand, and have fairly easy access to both the trail and the river? I kayaked from Rocheport to Easley last weekend, and both were right on the trail/river. I'd be interested in any distance, from just a couple of hours to a multiday camping trip.
posted Jun 5 2009 5:49PM - M, Glasgow

The river flows west to east so I assume that you would be kayaking in the same direction.

Klondike park's boat launch would be perfect for your starting point because this is where the river, MO-94, and Katy trail meet. Klondike park is located between Augusta and Matson TH. Notice that Klondike park is up on the hill while Klondike park's boat launch is at the bottom away from the park entrance and next to MO-94. If you were heading east on MO-94, don't turn right into the park entrance. Pass the entrance and you will cut thru Katy trail with the boat launch area on your right. From here, you can access Klondike park directly from Katy trail by heading west on Katy trail about 200 yards and hike up a paved driveway(I am guessing the distance). Klondike park is a full camping facility with shower-room and everything a camper wants.

Your possible ending point could be at highway 40/61/I-64 (right undeneath the bridge). Katy trail is about 100 yards from the river, and there is a beaten path leading from the trail to the river. It's between Weldon Spring and Greens Bottom TH. Not sure how you would secure your gears here. Perhaps you could hide and lock them up to some trees.

Your next possible further down ending point could be beneath the Page extension bridge or 364. It's a huge and partially suspension bridge so you could easily spot it from the river. The Katy trail is about 200 yard from the river. There is no beaten path from the trail to the river bank, but this area under the bridge is filled with rock. There is also a nice but long ramp access from Katy trail to one of the most utilized parking lot next to the Page extension brige or 364.

If you pass up on this page extension bridge, your next best spot is probably the St. Charles TH. It's next to the river with huge parking lot. Have a great time!
posted Jun 6 2009 2:21PM - bikerstuff, Saint Charles, MO

This sounds interesting! My kayak is collecting dust. Anyways.....

Beware of the 40 bridge suggestion--the County cops just moved into a new
headquarters down the road and I have seen them cracking down on this spot.

There is a boat ramp at the Weldon Springs trailhead (follow the trailhead sign off Hwy
94 south. Instead of turning into the parking lot, continue straight on the gravel road).
Is St. Charles too far? There are several public boat ramps here. Momentum Cycles is
close to the trail. Maybe you could check in with them for suggestions, a ride or place to
secure your bike.

posted Jun 6 2009 8:21PM - cunninghamair, O''''''''Fallon, MO

Thanks for the info! I've been pouring over my river and katy trail maps trying to find good river/trail access, but a map doesn't always give you a realistic picture of what to expect. Nothing beats word-of-mouth advice! I've got a list of several places that I want to scout out between Boonville and Mokane, and you guys have given me places to try on the tail end of the trail, so now I just need to find places in-between. There's a stretch of river and trail that run side-by-side between Gore and Bernheimer. These aren't trailheads, but I'm wondering if anybody knows if there is any sort of access to the river along here. Also, I'm looking for any advice on how to attach the kayak behind my bike. I found plans for a pvc cart that straps to the back of the kayak, but I'm trying to figure out how to attach the front of the kayak to my bike in a way that won't drastically impede the maneuverability of the bike. I came across a thing called the "Dumbstick" which is perfect, but I am poor and need to make do with whatever I can rig up. If anybody has seen a dumbstick, do you think a drilled-out pvc pipe would handle the weight (I have a 16-1/2 foot, 65lb kayak)? Of course, the wheeled cart at the back end of the kayak will handle a lot of the weight, but there will still be some weight up at the front. I'd love to hear any kind of advice that you all have to offer, or any other suggestions that you think might work better!
posted Jun 8 2009 11:40AM - M, Glasgow, Mo

Why would the police cracking down on highway 40 be bad for bicyclists?

posted Jun 8 2009 1:16PM - Robert, columbia

There is a Mo. River access point west of Treloar around MM 88 that is very close to Bernheimer. It is easily accessed from the trail as it is right at the HWY. 94 & Katy crossing just west of Treloar. I do not know who maintains it, so that may be a concern.

I have recently been to the new Missouri River Access near Mokane, Mo. It is maintained by the Department of Conservation. It lies off a gravel road just west of Mokane. It has 2 camping spots, but all they have is a fire ring, no table, and no other facilities. Maps are avaliable on the Missouri Department of Conservation website.
posted Jun 8 2009 1:30PM - stevie, saint louis, mo

I just figured out that the Mo. River access point I mention near Treloar is private, and I do not know who to contact there with questions concerning access.
posted Jun 8 2009 1:48PM - stevie, saint louis, mo

Easley to Jeff City would be about a 20 mile float. The JC access is about 1 1/2 from the trailhead but it's a pretty easy ride.
posted Jun 8 2009 2:21PM - Anonymous

Fisherman pull of the Hwy just above the Hwy 40 Boone bridge and walk down to the river
and Katy. This is not a parking lot and the police are giving tickets.

There is a new trailhead at Mo Research Park--less than a mile walk down to the trail.
posted Jun 9 2009 6:53AM - cunninghamair, O''''Fallon, MO

I just want to correct my previous post about the distance from the Katy Trail to the river bank at both locations (40/I-64 bridge and 364/page extension bridge). It's only about 50 yards and not 200 yards.
posted Jun 14 2009 11:29PM - bikerstuff, Saint Charles, MO

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