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shade on trail

we are biking the whole trail clinton to st charles last week of july. we know it will be hot. how much of trail is shaded or where sun is at least partially blocked. thank you. go by bike !!
posted Jun 27 2009 2:50PM - Jan in Ohio

I don't know about the whole trail as I just rode it yesterday..about 60 miles - both directions to/from Rocheport. Most of it was shady, w/ a wonderful river breeze..so it was delightful.

Have fun on your ride!
posted Jun 29 2009 1:47PM - SB, Kansas City

SB, I'm assuming you rode East? We rode from Clinton to St. Charles
June 19th and 20th and the stretch between Booneville and Rocheport about did us in. It was in the upper 90s with the heat index over 100 and there was no shade to speak of. When there was a breeze it was coming off the corn fields and it actualy felt hotter with the breeze. After shaded stretch between Rocheport and JC felt like Heaven.
posted Jun 29 2009 2:40PM - Jim

Based on the posting regarding shade around Rocheport,we may add mileage there. Since we're concerned about the heat from direct sun and that's what we want to avoid, if it's more shady coming into Rocheport from Sedalia,we could add miles there making it 50 and not cutting it shorter. What do you all think?
Thanks! Jan
posted Jun 30 2009 6:04AM - Jan in Ohio

The section from Booneville to Rocheport has rows of trees on both sides so you should be in shade in the morning and evening. High noon will suck in the heat.
posted Jun 30 2009 5:01PM - outdoorxman, Blue Springs, MO

There is a lot more shade on the Katy Trail in the AM hours than any other time of the day especially from Rocheport going east. The shadows are just simply longer, do to location of the sun, direction of the trail and the bluffs. This won't work for everyone but I try to ride early and get to my destination before everything gets heated up, 11:AM or so. Or, get close enough that I can lounge in the shade during the hotest part of the day, then finish. This works well on a 40 to 50 mile day running at 10 to 12 mph. Some days in the summer in Missouri there is no getting away from the heat, early or late, unless you stay inside.

posted Jul 1 2009 5:15AM - Darrell, Jeff City, MO

Personally, I think it’s more important to plan where you’re going to stop for break and recharge your body. Intake of powerade/gatorade or other sport drinks are essential on a hot day (unless you don’t sweat). Bring extra water along with your favorite sport drinks so you could pour it on your head and body to cool yourself down when needed. Remember, long distance doesn’t usually get you; it’s the heat and the sun that will derail you. Replenish your sweet like “trail mix” along the way. If you feel light headed while riding; stop for break and take your drinks + fiber. Last but not least, please support the locals. Below is the info you ask for. Give credit to MO dept of Natural Resources (DNR).

264.6 to 255.5 Prairie restoration areas that offer very little to no shade.
244.8 to 242 same
255.5 to 229.6 Horses are allowed on this section of the trail; bicyclists yield to horses and hikers.
223 to 210 Area is very cool and almost all shaded.

203.3 to 191.8 Considered by many to be the most strenuous section of the trail due the the increasing incline.
195.3 to 191.8 Enjoy the ride down Lard Hill, the steepest part of the entire trail.
191.8 to 181.5 Trail is open with very limited shade.
181.5 to 178.3 From highway 40 to Rocheport, there is a lot of shade, including the Rocheport tunnel.
178.3 to 169.5 Mostly sunny, except around Huntsdale.
157 Just after Wilton, there are spectacular views of the MO river.
169.5 to 153.6 Lots of shady areas, especially in the Hart Creek and Eagle Bluffs.
153.6 to 143.2 Mostly open with some shady areas.
posted Jul 1 2009 11:10AM - bikerstuff, Saint Charles, MO

143.2 to 131.2 Almost no shade. Dramatic bluffs and the state capital can be viewed across the river
125 to 115.9 Trail is shady
114.5 to 112 Bottomland forest.
110.9 View of the MO river resume near Bluffton.
105 to 104.2 Very little to no shade.
103 to 101.5 Same

98.8 to 95.5 Very little to no shade.
93.2 to 89 Outstanding views of MO river and bluffs.
84.6 to 79.5 Very little to no shade.
77.4 to 73.4 same
75.2 Wetland offers a good place to see birds and wildlife
72.3 to 66.3 Land or bluff with very little to no shade.
69.6 View of MO river from the Klondike County Park boat ramp.

66.3 to 60.6 River bluffs, farm landscape and bottomland forest.
60 Limited visibility where the trail crosses HWY 94
48.1 Limited visibility where the trail crosses Pittman Hill Rd
57 to 48 Abundant shade & views of MO river and bluff.
44.2 Limited visibility where the trail crosses Jung Station Rd.
posted Jul 1 2009 11:11AM - bikerstuff, Saint Charles, MO

Wow! Thanks Bikerstuff, excellent post.
posted Jul 1 2009 11:27AM - Darrell, Jeff City, MO

Very impressive and detailed information! Thanks!
posted Jul 2 2009 10:46AM - Jan in Ohio

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