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Good Camping Stopping Points

Two of my buddies and I are in the process of planning a ride for the end of July. We will be leaving from Clinton and ending in St. Charles. We want to camp at campsites along the way. I am working on plotting our stops. I have the first day riding to Booneville (72.8 miles), day 2 to Portland (75.9 miles), day 3 to Augusta (49.5 Miles), and finishing with 26.9 miles to St. Charles. What do you guys think about those stops? Do you have other recommendations? I am confident in the ability of one of the other riders, but not in the other. Do you think 70+ miles will be too challenging? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
posted Jun 29 2009 12:51PM - Woody Peoples, Kansas City

Deoending on the wind speed/direction and temperature 70 miles can be a load if buddy is not used to riding distances. Have you thought of maybe taking a little distance off of the first two days and doing a little more on the last two? When we do a 4-day trip we usually do 3 60-mile days and a 45-mile day at the end.
posted Jun 29 2009 2:49PM - Jim

70+ miles per day are achievable for intermediate riders. Your biggest challenges for the first two days will be up-hills, heat, and sun.

Day 1: Clinton to Pilot Groves. Camp at City Park (next to trail)

Day 2: Pilot Grove to Tebbetts. Sleep at Turner Katy Trail Shelter Hostel for $5 each (100 yard from the trail)

Day 3: Tebbetts to Marthasville. Camp at Community Club Park.

Day 4: Marthasville to St.Charles.
posted Jun 30 2009 12:51AM - bikerstuff, Saint Charles

I echo bikerstuff's comments. The Turner Shelter will give you a chance to cool off in the AC and take a shower. Fairly good food next door at the bar and grill.
posted Jun 30 2009 11:43AM - troy ratliff, jonesboro, ar

Thank you so much for that insight. A bar and grill sounds pretty good. Any other info greatly appreciated.
posted Jun 30 2009 8:27PM - Woody Peoples, Kansas City

75 mi. a day is do able but you shouold prepare. Do some distance before the ride. Have ridden the trail in 3 days in late June in the past. West to East was the toughest. Good campgrounds all along the trail. Great eatries and rest stops. In July the heat can be a problem.
posted Jul 1 2009 2:59PM - BK, Center,MO

The comment on "west to east" being the toughest direction throws me a bit. I had heard the
trail was flat as a pancake and the wind shoul be pushing diagonally at your back riding west
to east. How tough can it be?
posted Jul 2 2009 7:23AM - Justanoldhobo, Louisville

We have ridden West to East several times. Going this direction, there are some definite inclines before Sedalia, a few miles before Cliffton City (i think this one is the longest/steepest) and then pretty much uphill/downhill grades all the way from Cliffton City until about 3 miles before Boonville, at which time you get a nice steady downhill into Boonville. After that, it's pretty much flat.

It does however, make a huge difference if you are riding these during the heat of the day or not. I find them to be pretty easy unless it's 1 - 4 pm on a hot day. Regardless, I have had heat problems before, however on our last trip in June 09 I made a concentrated effort to hydrate and had no problems at all. Hydration makes all the difference!
posted Jul 2 2009 8:14AM - kim, independence, mo

"The comment on "west to east" being the toughest direction throws me a bit. I had heard the
trail was flat as a pancake and the wind shoul be pushing diagonally at your back riding west
to east. How tough can it be?"

It is very flat, but there is a noticeable change of grade west of Boonville. We're talking maybe 2% grades that go on for few hundred yards or longer and continue toward the west. Sometimes I wouldn't even see a change in the trail, but did notice myself going a couple mph slower. Add some heat, humidity and a long day in the saddle and it does make it a little harder.

posted Jul 2 2009 10:30AM - Brad, St Louis

Regarding 'flat as a pancake' and which direction is most difficult...I've ridden it each way and I felt east to west was a little more challenging. However I think the time of year may play a role. Last October I went from St Charles to Clinton and had some pretty good head winds once I past Booneville.
Good luck
posted Jul 3 2009 2:37PM - steve, Liberty, MO

I've ridden the trail in 2 days on a mtn. bike and it's pretty easy although most of your ride from Clinton to Booneville will be slightly uphill as you make your way up to the river. Booneville is definitely doable in one day if you're in mediocre shape but if you don't put in a lot of miles regularly you'll probably be feeling it by the time you get to Booneville. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
posted Jul 8 2009 12:34PM - Jason, Overland Park

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