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Cooper's Landing (Easley)

When some friends and I stopped here on July 13th (and again on our
way back on the 14th) we were decidedly underwhelmed. I'm not sure
how we missed the Thai kitchen and the other cooking that everyone is
referencing here--perhaps these are upstairs? We only went into the
main store entrance on the Missouri River side. To be sure, though,
no one mentioned Thai food or the availability of breakfast (we
stopped around 5 pm and 9 am). The only food that we found was frozen
pizzas, corn dogs, and the like, which could be microwaved using their
appliances. Of course, there was also ice cream, candy bars, beer,
and bottled juice. In my opinion, though, none of this deserved the
"grocery store" marking on the planning map--we had expected to be
able to buy bread at the "grocery store," though again, it's possible
that we missed it. The first time we stopped, we got the impression
from the person working that we were on our own--he rang up our total,
but nothing more. The second time, a different man was working who
was much better to do business with--he was engaging and helpful. The
store is not bad for what it is (a little provisions shop). Just be
sure not to expect too much, as we did. If you need groceries or
other provisions, bring them from home so that you won't be
crestfallen when Cooper's doesn't have them.
posted Jul 15 2009 11:05AM - Tyler Young, Kansas City

Timing is everything. We have breakfast from 8 am to 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays. The Thai Kitchen is closed most Mondays so we try to have some sort of BarBeQue every evening around 6 pm. I can't be here all the time so sometimes the people keeping the store open are not very knowledgeable. So try to patient and appreciate the fact they are keeping the store open for you and the restroom, shower, and laundry are available. You can get more detailed information so you can have reasonable expectations on our website: http://www.cooperslanding.net/

Best Wishes, Mike Cooper
posted Oct 1 2009 11:39AM - Anonymous

Tyler.....I hope you get a chance to stop when they are serving food. It's not 5-Star cusine but they don't pretend that it is......just good food in a great setting. We are riding 20 miles and braving the crowd tomorrow evening to eat at the Thai Kitchen. Always a good time.
posted Oct 1 2009 4:30PM - Jim, St. Thomas

I've eaten a freshly made hot sandwich at the store once. It was okay with no frills. The big TV there kept me occupied.. :) ;) The Thai Cafe is in a separte fairly large park-model mobile home just NE of the main store. Its food is supposed to be great, and lots of it. I plan to eat there sometime. :)
posted Oct 1 2009 6:58PM - jd, gkc

We made it to Cooper's Landing on Sunday, Oct 4 about 5:30pm. The thai
food from the trailer beside the store was delicious and hearty, the
view was great watching the sun setting over the river, and the
entertainment was enjoyable as well. From here, we pedaled on to Jeff
City (mostly in the dark) and were glad to have filled up at Cooper's
Landing as it was one of the most enjoyable meals of our trip.
posted Oct 10 2009 10:36PM - Chuck & Kaleb, Raytown, MO

Coopers was a great place, run by nice guys on thier own agenda. Cooper kept the office open for me a little late so I could get a shower, and the local scene was very interesting. I am planning on stopping again next year, cause its just a little slice of Stienbeckian style laidbackness.

posted Dec 13 2009 6:38PM - jason, Eureka Springs

We just got back from camping here for Labor Day weekend. Phenominal! The people were helpful, the music and food were great and the location was perfect. If you are looking for a party, good food, cold beer and a great place to have fun with friends and family. This is the place. We will definitely make the 5 hour drive to camp there again! THANKS.
posted Sep 6 2011 11:41AM - Bob, Iowa

what's the live music? It is a jam session or open mike?
posted Oct 3 2011 6:42PM - howardhughesblues

Cooper's Landing was a Godsend for us! We traveled the trail in early August. A severe thunderstorm caught us off-guard....very scary. We were just taking some pictures at Boathenge and quickly tried to get ot Easley. We only made it as far as Cooper's landing. They were closed, but they let us in to dry off and be safe. There were terrible straight-line winds. They even dried my friend's jacket in their dryer! They were so kind to us....and we dried and went on our way. We are forever grateful to them for their hospitality!!
posted Oct 13 2011 9:05PM - Karen largent, Sullivan, MO

If you are looking for a breaktime and a mcdonald's you may be disappointed, if you want a place with personality and unique atmosphere, you will get that in spades, I'll take the latter.
posted Apr 10 2014 8:43AM - Anonymous

I'm not sure who I ran into, but the guy at Coopers seemed really rude. I wouldn't spend my money there. Both people I ran into were not at all friendly. Maybe if you're a local they are nice. I regret giving them any of my money.
posted Sep 2 2014 3:36PM - Mike

I am not a local, but I have always found Cooper's Landing to be a great place to stop and take a break. The Thai food is wonderful. I am grateful it is there as Mike has always been friendly and gone above and beyond to help folks out on the Trail - even during a bit of a snowstorm, but, that is a story for another day! : )

posted Sep 2 2014 8:48PM - sharonbikes, Kansas City

Stopped by yesterday, and couldn't be happier. I was on a 128-mile ride and Cooper's Landing was the perfect lunch stop. Thai food was (surprisingly) just what I needed, and the store had all the necessities and let me fill my bottles. Thanks guys!
posted Jun 28 2015 9:30PM - AF Biker, O'Fallon IL

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