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More Biking Stores- less Food critics

As a regular follower of this site over the years, the talk, especially this year has been more about eating experiences and less about trail experiences. It may be just a cheap way to advertise for some owners and knock other establishments. Anyway, love the site.

Tells us about your great experiences on the trail, bike stories.
posted Jul 21 2009 10:44AM - Anonymous

I agree there is more to the Katy than eating. I did my first Katy ride in June. I was on a very tight budget so most of my meals I carried with me. I didn't ride the trail so I could eat, I rode the trail for the experience and thrill of it. The scenery was wonderful. I took tons of pictures and came back home very sore but happy. I plan to do it all again in October and this time my budget will be bigger so I might eat out, then again anything tastes good after a long day of riding.
posted Aug 5 2009 2:38AM - Nancy, Skiatook,OK

In October, the 10th and 11th you will find 55,000 people in Hartsburg for the 18th annual Pumpkin Festival. Also for those who ride 100 miles they might want to see the 280 boaters participating in the Missouri 340 boat race on the Missouri. They stated yesterday in Kansas City and some go straight thru to St Charles. Stops along the way are at Boonville, Cooper's Landing, Jefferson City, Hermann. There are individuals and teams and they have just 80 hours or so to finish. Stop by and talk to their support teams. There is alot more to do than just bike.
posted Aug 5 2009 9:15AM - michael rodemeyer, Hartsburg

I mostly agree with the original post. Food is part of the trail experience. It is good for other riders to know if a place is good, or if it could improve; but there seems to be quite a bit of gushing or whining. Eating in a restaurant is not a long term relationship
posted Aug 5 2009 9:59AM - Fritokc, Kansas City

I'm kinda fed up with it too.

This is not tripadvisor......it's Bike Katy Trail.com.
posted Aug 5 2009 10:40AM - Trek

My daughter and I rode from Rocheport to St. Charles in July. My husband offered to be our support, drive our luggage from stop to stop. We had a fantastic time. Having his help made a big difference, as I almost got over-heated the first day, and my daughter's bike broke the 3rd day. Plus we just had a great time. The scenery, the people running B & Bs and restaurants, other bikers, the river, the bluffs, everything was incredible. Here's a link to the video my daughter made of our adventure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruh_4sf_vgk I'm the 50 something one, my daughter's the 20 something one. We want to do it again and again and again. I know people don't want the reviews, but I have to commend the Katy Trail Bike Fest in Rocheport, the Globe B & B in Hartsburg (Jeanette and Francine were very special), the Rendleman B & B in Bluffton (and yes, Honey is a sweetie, the way she shakes her little behind as she prances about), Doug was a lot of fun, the Little House in Marthasville (the owner showed us photo albums with pictures of the floods of 85 and 93, and her coffee cake in the plant pot was delicious) and the Country Inn Suites in St. Charles.
posted Aug 5 2009 10:39PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

"Fed Up"
Good Pun
I almost missed it.
posted Aug 7 2009 12:14PM - fritokc, Kansas City

I'm one of those fortunate enough to live close to the Katy to ride it frequently. Many of the people posting here seem to go on very long rides in comparison to what I do. All of my trips have been round---usually from North Jeff to Hartsburg and back. But my wife and I frequently will drive to different trailheads and ride out and back 10-15 miles one way to see different parts of the trail. Doing that, we have ridden the whole trail at least twice, but never more than 37 miles at one time. This isn't a bad way to see the trail for those of us who live close to the middle. Miles aren't important to us----it's getting outside, seeing the beautiful country, enjoying our time together and getting a little bit of a workout. With that said, we have eaten at most of the good places along the trail and can give good recommendations.
posted Aug 7 2009 8:43PM - Murf, Jeff City

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