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Stein House (Boonville)

Awful food, awful service and the cigarette smoke just takes away what little taste there is to the food. Way overpriced and good luck getting someone to wait on you. Try Maggie's across the street instead -- you won't be dissapointed.
posted Oct 13 2009 11:45PM - Anonymous, Boonville, MO

We ate there 2 years ago and had a great meal. Another bonus is that last year we stayed at the Comfort Inn in Boonville and the Stein House had delivery (which was great after a long day).
posted Oct 14 2009 9:27AM - MAH

I couldn't agree more. It used to be an OK place to eat, but their service is shoddy at best and the staff there is just plain rude. Last time we ate there about 6 months ago the spaghetti tasted like it was straight out of a can.
posted Oct 14 2009 5:13PM - Anonymous, Columbia, MO

I agree with the poster who is recommending Maggie's. The food is absolutely amazing and the fact it is a smoke-free establishment is really nice. On the weekends (and I think Friday night as well) they have smoked chicken and ribs complete with side items for less than $10 -- you just can't beat that deal!
posted Oct 19 2009 3:19PM - Rob, Boonville, MO

Check out the Blind Ref Tavern just down from the Stein House. Smoke free and open on Sundays!
posted Nov 16 2009 3:47PM - Anonymous

The Stein House features lunch specials Monday through Friday that are a
great deal--TWO lunches for $6.99 (not $6.99 each) if you buy two
drinks. Thursday is fried chicken day--very good fried chicken. The new
server, Deb, is delightful--give Stein House another try! By the way,
Maggie's is another good choice!
posted Jan 27 2010 5:19PM - boonvillefan, Boonville

We ate at the Stein House this weekend and was one of the worst restaurant experiences I have ever had. We ordered a couple of cheeseburgers, an hour later (and after those who had arrived and ordered after us, received and finished their meal) the "chef" comes to our table and advised us he forgot to take our burgers off the grill and were now hockey pucks. No problem, it happens. Half hour later the burgers and fries come out completely soaked in grease and un-edible. The chef again apologized, rather sarcastically, and explained the burgers were not greasy, but that was a soy sauce based marinade they were trying out. Stay away from this place
posted Nov 4 2010 3:01PM - dbruening, St. Louis

Funny how most of the negitave comments are posted about the time Maggies bar opened. The Stein House is a nice restaurant, not a sports bar. Maybe the posters felt out of place because they weren't in a hamburger joint. I enjoy their steak selections and my wife likes stopping there because they cater to her vegitarian diet without making her feel singled out. We stop in Boonville about every two months as we pass through and always eat at the Stein House.
posted Nov 28 2010 10:23AM - Alex & Kathy, Denver, CO

I would not let my dog eat at this resturant. The food is nasty and the staff is rude. If you want to waste your time and money this is the place for you. However, I strongly recommend finding another resturant.
posted Dec 4 2010 8:37AM - Anonymous

They were very very nice. The waiter tried hard and was very polite. Food was okay.
Chicken was good. not my favorite place but I may go back if I am in town. I am a non
smoker and I sat in the back. Smoke did not bother me. One bad thing is that it is very
cold in there. We wore our coats as well as everyone eaten there. Too cold. It makes it
posted Jan 8 2011 11:30PM - Ddh

Poor form to associate Maggies with negative comments. Not true! This place just burned down, so it is now irrelevant
posted Apr 7 2011 1:50PM - Deb

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