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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments
Tryathletics is awesome!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that TryAthletics is awesome. On
Sunday, October 4 2009, I busted a rear spoke on the KATY just before
the Columbia spur. My son and I were able to catch a ride to
TryAthletics with my rear wheel. The staff allowed me to use their
tools to attempt a repair (couldn't get the cassette off on the
trail). When I was unable to true the wheel, the staff actually
called another bike shop in town that had a mechanic on duty then gave
us a ride there to see if they could true the wheel. When we had no
luck at that store, Tryathletics actually called their weekday
mechanic and he came in, trued the wheel, didn't charge me a dime and
then one of the staff drove me all the way back down to the KATY to
complete our trip.

If it hadn't been for the assistance of the wonderful staff at
Tryathletics, the last day of our ride would have been a total mess.

Thanks Tryathletics!!!
posted Oct 19 2009 1:22AM - Chuck & Kaleb, Raytown, MO

One spoke is a show stopper??
posted Oct 19 2009 2:07PM - Trek

No Kidding! Young whippersnappers! Why once I broke my front wheel, cracked my frame, was locked in high gear with a concussion, none of the restaurants were open, there was no water, I had a flat, the light went out in my fridge but by God we liked it!
posted Oct 19 2009 5:04PM - Doug, Bluffton

Doug......you deserve a beer my friend!
posted Oct 19 2009 8:26PM - Trek

You are correct sir! And to honor your astute deductive reasoning, I believe I shall have one. And in further observance of your obviously astute and quite capable mind, I shall set one aside in preparation for your possible arrival. It happened once you know.
posted Oct 19 2009 8:41PM - Doug, Bluffton

Believe it or not...that single spoke was enough to throw my wheel so
far out of true that it couldn't be ridden any further without my
throwing my back out if I tried ;-)
posted Nov 3 2009 9:28PM - Chuck & Kaleb, Raytown, MO

Sounds like the spoke that broke was the only good one you had left!

I called Triathletics last week while searching for some information. The guy I talked to could not have been more helpfull.
posted Nov 4 2009 8:17AM - Trek

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