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Clifton City Garage

We had planned on eating in Clifton City which was about half way to Sedalia from Boonville. I had been raining all day and the trail was pretty soggy. Reaching the trail head I ventured out to see where we would eat. Surprise, surprise; no cafe. I overlooked that part of the trip plan and trusted my buddy. Not to be denied, I stopped at the garage to talk to the boys and see where a guy could get some chow. They offered their chilli to us which we promptly accepted due to the fact that the women were cold and starving. There was about 2 bowles left but after adding Fritos and cheeze it was more than enough to fill the gap. Now I can not promise they will give you chilli but I can bet they will sell you what they have such as pop, beer, chips, candy bars... Tell them the bunch they got out of the rain sent ya. Heck, they even fired up a new urn of coffee for us. Nice folks!
posted Oct 27 2009 11:45AM - Clayton, Denise, Frank, and Mickie, Archie, MO.

Nice folks! For some reason that just kind of sums it up for me. Everyone that we've met along the trail near Clifton City has been very friendly. We've ridden Sedalia to Boonville several times and find Clifton City to be a welcomed rest stop. For a small, small town it always seems active. We've enjoyed listening to horses clip clop through town as well as church music from the trailhead on a Sunday morning

A few years ago as we approached the trailhead there was a buz of young bike riders around the benches.....10 to 12 young boys. We could hear laughter and talking from a distance, but as we approached silence fell as the eyes of the Mennonite boys fell on us as if we were alien. We spoke and smiled to all of them, but no one spoke but one who appeared to be the oldest of the group. He asked several questions and we did too as a couple of the other boys soon chimmed in. It was refreshing to see such a group of young boys that were so polite and sincere.
posted Oct 27 2009 7:38PM - Trek

For those who might not know where it is, the garage is the tan and white metal building at the top of the rise 2-blocks north of the trail. Its sliding doors are often open during warm weather. Cold drinks at hand!
posted Nov 2 2009 9:25AM - jd, gkc

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