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Maryland Yards (St Charles)

The food and service was the worst along the trail. They had run out of nearly everything
when we got there. We had reservations for one month ahead and still most of the entrees
had gone. And this was at 12:00pm!!!
posted Oct 6 2005 7:35AM - Bentcruiser, Oklahoma

sour grapes... I was part of that group. The only thing that they were out of was fish sandwiches. I thought the service was wonderful. You must have been sitting on your bike to long. We also arrived at 1:00 not 12:00.....
posted Oct 7 2005 10:41AM - speedracer, oklahoma

They were out of four items that our table tried to order.

Thanks anyway
posted Oct 14 2005 3:40PM - Bentcruiser, Oklahoma

I should qualify something: what I had was fairly good. In the business' defense, they did
have a large crowd on their hands.
posted Oct 20 2005 9:34AM - bentcruiser, oklahoma

Did you ever think that it was crowded because the food was really good and the service great? Everyone I talked to loved it....
posted Oct 22 2005 5:03PM - speedracer, oklahoma

I'm starting a new business along the trail that will ensure you never encounter this problem again... for more information check out our website at www.mattnmeiers.com... Let me know what you think. Thank You... Rob Meier.
posted Oct 23 2005 12:29PM - RBRLIP, Washington, MO

Speedracer: I have asked my group from OKC and no one has your particular handle. Were
you with the OKC group that went in July?
posted Mar 10 2006 1:18PM - Bentcruiser, Oklahoma

Does a reservation mean that they are to hold one (or two to be on the safe side) each of every item on the menu for each person there is a reservation for? Or does it mean that there is a seat reserved for you?

I got to McDonalds too late for breakfast last Saturday morning on my way to the office. I was in the drive thru lane to order and everything.....they even still had breakfast items shown on the outside menu. Sure didn't ruin my day or send me out broadcasting how bad McDonalds is. Man.....lighten up! What difference does it make that they ran out the freakin okra and creamed corn?
posted Mar 10 2006 4:05PM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

fyi...Maryland Yards in St. Charles is no longer open. Try Rumples or Tony's on Main St - much better food AND service.
posted Oct 9 2006 3:05PM - newbie, st. charles

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