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Biking the Trail Solo

Has any woman biked the entire length solo? I'm a senior and am considering doing so next summer. Can't find any friends who are interested. That's okay because I enjoy my own company but is the trail safe for a single woman?
posted Dec 9 2009 7:36PM - April, St. Louis

I don't think a single woman rider would be any less safe than a male single rider. Riding solo always entails a little more risk - mostly from equipment failures. I say go for it and have fun.
posted Dec 10 2009 7:45AM - Jim, St. Thomas

I had a friend from California do the through trip last fall and she was very comfortable. She didn't experience any grief and made a number of friends along the way.
posted Dec 11 2009 8:34PM - Arkie

You might want to check out the annual Department of Natural Resources (DNR) group bike ride. They do a good job of planning out the trip, provide SAG support, and you definitely would not be alone.

posted Dec 11 2009 9:20PM - Gary near Tebbetts, Tebbetts, MO

I've seen many solo females riding various sections of the trail. And, according to several past posts on this site, several have also done it solo from end to end.
You might carry a self-defence mechanism of some kind tho, like, pepper spray. Sometimes a dog or two can be a small problem. Take a camera, too. Good luck!
posted Dec 12 2009 1:36PM - jd, gkc

Go girl.. Shouldn't be a problem.. Be sure you have good tubes recommended by your bike shop for the ride.. You will do fine...
posted Dec 14 2009 8:14AM - Anonymous

Go for it. People are very helpful on the trail. I rode in early October and met a lady who
had finished the trail and was bicycling to California. Lots of times you won't see many
people on the trail. Plan your ride and ask lots of questions.
posted Dec 17 2009 12:03AM - Gene, LaPorte, IN

I met a lady in her 70's biking the trail by herself. She said her husband was going by car and meeting her in the place of lodging, however. You'll have no problem. If you need a companion, e-mail me. Are you sexy?
posted Dec 21 2009 6:06AM - howard hughes blues

Uncalled for Howard.
posted Dec 21 2009 9:08AM - Anonymous

Everyone and every group has one, apparently Howard is the one.
posted Dec 27 2009 9:08PM - Gary near Tebbetts, Tebbetts, MO

Proving once again that you can't fix stupid. You can however, delete their comments Ray.
posted Dec 28 2009 4:22PM - Doug, Bluffton

go for it april. enjoy the ride, have fun. the katy is magnificent. tell us about it when you are through, and ignore the idiotic comments.
posted Dec 29 2009 5:36PM - festus

I (female) did the full trail solo when 50 in '03 and many 1-2 day trips solo since then. Had no problems at all, but do echo the comment re pepper spray for the occasional dog that may be more agressive then friendly (most dogs though just want to run along with your for a bit). The fall is a nice time as there are many other bikers doing the full trail. Also check out the DNR ride in June as noted above. Hubby and I have done it the past 3 years and had a blast. Very well organized, they carry your camping gear, provide breakfast and supper and SAGs along the way. Which ever way you chose to do it, have fun, take enough time to explore along the way, to sit on the benches along the way to enjoy the woods and river, take an extra tube or two, and of course your camera! If any questions, this comment Forum is a wealth of info from riders who have done it every way you could think of!
posted Dec 29 2009 6:36PM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

Quite possibly Gary, Doug, and festus are homosexuals and that's why they objected so strenuously to my innocent comment. In their degenerate minds the only appropriate sexual activity should be man-to-man and not man-to-woman. Notice the lady herself didn't object.
posted Dec 30 2009 8:13AM - howard hughes blues

Probably a misguided attempt at humor. Howard has made positive contributions to several other threads so I''ll reluctantly give him the benefit of the doubt. I''m sure he knows there are many dating websites out there but this is not one of them.
posted Dec 30 2009 10:51AM - Ray (webmaster)

This topic comes up from time to time. Check out these earlier threads:


The consensus seems to be positive. Have fun!
posted Dec 30 2009 11:03AM - Ray (webmaster)

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