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Doing the Trail

I'd like to ride the trail this summer. Is it mostly gravel, paved, a mix? Also, it seems you're never too far from a repair shop? Is this true? Also, are the other towns & cities as close by as they seem?
I know there are lotsa restaurants, but are there any GREAT restaurants along the way. :-)

posted Jan 24 2010 12:31PM - Alonzo, Baltimore, MD.

I've ridden the entire Katy Trail 7 times, and will probably ride the entire trail again this June. If you're seriously condsidering a great organized ride, consider the Missouri Dept of Natural Resources' Katy Trail Ride. It's a week long ride, camping, breakfast, dinner and SAG support provided. Go to www.katytrailstatepark.com for details.

The trail is made from pug, a loose gravel material. I would recommend a cycle-cross or hybrid for the ride. I ride my road bike that has 27mm tires and have only had two flats in those seven rides. Not bad odds.

The towns are about 10 miles apart, but are very small towns, some are only a few hundred people. There are very few bike shops along the way. Make sure to carry a flat kit, tube, pump, etc. You might also consider taking granola bars, fruit and plenty of water. I always take my Camel Bak with me. Some of the towns have well water and it's rather rusty.

You might also check out "The Katy Trail Guide Book." It's a great reference if you've never been on the trail. The Rocheport area is my favorite portion of the entire 225 mile trail.

Have fun!
posted Jan 24 2010 8:45PM - Sarah, Kansas City, MO

Yes there are towns that are close, but not right on the trail. Jefferson City is across the river.....call a cab if you're not road worthy and used to semi's within a few feet of you. Hermann is across the river, but the new bridge has a bike lane making the trip worth the short ride. Washington is across the river....call a cab and don't ride the bridge as it is very narrow with no shoulder.

What makes a restaurant great is up to individual preference. Having said that....Glenn's Cafe in the Hotel Frederick in Boonville, Abigails and the Bistro at Les Bourgeois at Rocheport, Madisons in Jefferson City, Stone Hill in Hermann, and The Vine in St. Charles are worth checking out to get around eating burgers and fries.
posted Jan 25 2010 11:53AM - Trek

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