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Traveling with small children

Any advice on riding the trail with small children (7 and under)? I believe we will ride in Rocheport but stay in Booneville.
posted Mar 5 2010 12:49PM - Pieters, Kansas City

When are you going? My 6-y.o. and I will be on the trail next week Sedalia to St Charles.

Advice depends on how the kids are going. If on their own bikes, just go at their pace and
don't turn into a field marshal. It's got to be fun or the whole thing spirals into misery

Better still, get a tag-along. They can pedal when they're fresh and just get pulled when
they poop out. This has worked very well for me and my soon-to-be 7 y.o. for the last 2
years with many hundreds of miles of touring and day riding. We just upgraded to a
tandem with independent coasting: basically the same deal with a better and lighter rig.
posted Mar 16 2010 8:35PM - Scott Carney, Champaign

Thanks for the idea about the tag-along. I had only thought about the trailer for the 2 year old. How long of a ride should I prepare for? What's too much? I do want to make it fun for the kids and not overly exhausting. We'll probaly go through Rocheport to Booneville.
posted Mar 18 2010 2:22PM - Pieters, Kansas City

East of Rocheport is a good kid friendly ride with some points of interest between town and the petroglyphs. And the tunnel west of town is neat for little ones. You might consider turning around at the depot in Boonville to keep from having to ride up Lard Hill. It is a rather long grade that might wear on small legs...not much to see past there anyway.
posted Mar 18 2010 2:38PM - Trek

I've done the trailer behind tag-along behind bike thing. It looks ridiculous. Ok, it
actually is ridiculous, but you'll make a lot of friends. Handling is ok. You're simple not
going to go fast on the flats. Braking is the only big concern, but on the KT that shouldn't
be a big issue given the relative flatness. Distance then becomes a function only of your
own fitness/determination. Keep the kiddies fed and hydrated. Mine will go dawn till
dusk like that. The caveat is that the 6-y.o. rides his own bike daily and so doesn't get
saddle-sore. Your milage may vary.

Good luck

posted Mar 20 2010 3:17PM - Scott Carney, Champaign

If you are planning on staying in Boonville, I would recommend the Hotel Frederick. Great place and rooms that can accomodate families. Also you can park in Rocheport, ride along the river, great scenery, and then drive to Boonville. Easier on little legs. The Frederick gives $25 discount for riding the trail, has bike storage and free continental breakfast, DVD player in room and movies at the front desk for the kids. Call 660-882-2828 or visit the web-site at HotelFrederick.com
posted Mar 25 2010 1:22PM - Parris Johnson, Boonville

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