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Sedalia - Davidson Transportation - great for shuttles
Booneville - Chuck's Bike Shop - nice man, good work
Absolute Life Saver - O'Bryan's Taxi - 660-882-6666 - picked us up out in Prairie Lick, hauled to Chuck's, fetched us from Maggie's and delivered us safely to Rocheport - all with great strories,, humor, and kindness! A very good man and a good number to keep for riding around Booneville!
Rocheport - Old School House B&B - pricey and the pizza was WAY overpriced, but a really great place to stay!
Jeff City - Briar Rose B&B - Randy & Jeanette Wilkerson - such a delightful couple and a great place to stay - very reasonable for what you get - Randy was a life saver in fetching us from the mud covered sludge fest that was the Katy trail.
posted Mar 20 2010 6:45PM - Kenneth Jones, Houston

Thanks.. Good information. Seems like a lot of Texas folks come up to ride the trail..
posted Mar 21 2010 9:45AM - Anonymous

Sedalia - I've always found the folks at the Railroad Heritage Museum in the Trailhead Depot to be very friendly, outgoing, encouraging, and informative. Nice bunch.
posted Mar 21 2010 11:44AM - Brian L., Wichita

We offer a $10 Monday night pizza option as a convenience for our cyclist guests who do not have access to a car since there are no food options on Monday evening in Rocheport before April 1st and after April 1st, the Trailside Cafe's grill is only open until 5:45pm. It is a frozen pizza (serves 2) that we bake and deliver hot to your Dormitory room at the time you request or serve it in our Common Room dining area if staying in the Inn, along with complimentary sodas. We offer this only as a convenience to our guests who prefer not to have to forage for food elsewhere after a long day on the trail. Most of them think that is worth $10.
posted Apr 12 2010 12:31PM - Lisa Friedemann, School House B+B, Rocheport

Lisa, $10 for a frozen pizza is expensive. I can go to Pizza Hut here in St. Louis and eat like a pig at their buffet with tea or soda + refills and still walk away spending less than $10. I will come to your B&B and pay double room price if I can't eat your $10 frozen pizza and drink 3 sodas after a long day on the trail.
posted Apr 12 2010 8:55PM - SteveK, saint louis, MO

So Steve, what will you pay if you CAN eat their frozen pizza? The point here is that there is NOT a Pizza Hut in Rocheport and Lisa goes to the effort of preparing one for customers and makes maybe $5 for her effort. So she's making money on the room. So what? That is a separate deal. Cooking is extra. Would you complain about a bar charging $3-4 for a beer that you can go to the store and buy for $8 a six pack? Not if you want to be with friends at the bar. If you want it cheap at home then don't go to the bar.
posted Apr 12 2010 9:30PM - Doug, Bluffton

Doug, I would not have any problem paying whatever room rate they charge though I would also agree with Kenneth that the rooms are pricey. The point is that Lisa is skinning her guests for a couple extra bucks for a Monday Night frozen pizza when they are already paying full price for their room. Nothing wrong with that, this is America. However, if someone has a problem with it, then just let it slide, don't come on here claiming that "Most of them think that is worth $10", because clearly it is not.
posted Apr 13 2010 7:45AM - SteveK, saint louis, MO

Steve,if there is "nothing wrong with that" then why are you belaboring the point as if it is central to your argument? She has every right to state her defense that most people feel it is worth the cost. She is in a much better position to know how many of her guests feel it is worth $10 than we are. Just because you don't feel it is worth that, does not mean it "clearly is not". My friends, and guests here feel that is a reasonable price to have service at your door, as do I.
posted Apr 13 2010 3:11PM - Doug, Bluffton

Heck, I'd pay $10 after a long day on the trail. Some guests might expect a special deal on this kind of stuff, and some B&Bs might even offer bonus food made to order, at cost. But like Doug said, it's not unreasonable to add a few bucks to the cost of the pizza for her time and effort.
posted Apr 13 2010 4:27PM - The Psychlist

I'd rather have a full meal than a pizza. As the name inplies, B&B's may not typically serve dinner. Some of the B&B's that are remote and cater to cyclists do offer dinner. But, come on, for the convenience, if you haven't planned ahead otherwise.....this is what these people do...they offer a service....don't begrudge them a small fair profit....especially when it is for your convenience. Now let's complain about convenience store prices.....
posted Apr 21 2010 9:46AM - Hobo

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