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Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival

We enjoyed cycling the trail between Coopers Landing at Easley and Hartsburg on Friday
when some booths were just being set up for the Pumpkin Festival. We returned by car
the next day because after 2 days on the trail we were leaving the area. Reminds me of
Branson, MO when it was basically a one-street town - the traffic congestion is almost
impossible during the event. Glad we got there early. We enjoyed the festival on
Saturday, made a few purchases, ate some good food. One very bad experience
however.... We always think to be careful of our possessions in the big city and forget to
do so in small towns. Bad thinking! Our small digital camera & case was stolen from its
attachment on Lee's belt under his jacket - so we lost our camera and all of our photos of
our trail ride during the previous two days. No photos of the pumpkin festival to share
posted Oct 9 2005 5:30PM - Sue & Lee, Iowa City area

I take it back! We thought our camera had been stolen, but we learned today that it
instead got caught on the hayrack on which we rode from the parking area. A Hartsburg
area resident found it stuck to the hayrack, reported it and will send it to us. Not only did
we have a good time at the Pumpkin Festival, but we know the residents are honest. I
would, however, recommend riding there by bicycle and make arrangements to pick up
your pumpkins by car on another day.
posted Oct 10 2005 7:06PM - Sue & Lee, Iowa City area

You can't ride an juggle pumkins? Come on now!

It is nice to know there are honest people around. It did seem a bit far fetched to think that instead of loosing the camera.... it was stolen from its attachment while hooked on a belt under a jacket. Again.....come on now!
posted Oct 10 2005 7:52PM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

We went to the pumpkin festival hoping to enjoy some good pumpkin pie, bread, fudge etc & were disappointed that we couldn't find any! What kind of a pumpikn festival doesn't have pumpkin pie???!!!!!!!
posted Oct 11 2005 2:32PM - hooked on biking, Belton

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