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Best places to Camp?

Hi All,

I am thinking about doing a 2 day (1 night) ride during May and am trying to decide a good place to camp? West of Columbia somewhere and ideally it would be a remote location. Please let me know if any particular location stands out.

Thank you!

posted Apr 15 2010 1:36PM - Bud Reynolds, Kansas City

Katfish Katy's at Huntsdale or the Roundhouse at New Franklin are nice. Katfish Katy's tent sites are right on the river. You can camp free at Davisdale or Diana Bend Conservation areas near Rocheport right off the trail, but no plumbing (primitive). See the camping sites near Rocheport on this site for more info on those.
posted Apr 16 2010 5:52AM - kim, independence, mo

Thanks for the feedback!
posted Apr 16 2010 12:20PM - Bud Reynolds, Kansas City

You can camp in Hartsburg either at the Lions ballpark or at our Volunteer Park with bathrooms close by. With only 108 people it will seem remote to most folks.
posted Apr 16 2010 5:32PM - michael rodemeyer, Hartsburg

If you're going West, try the Katy Roundhouse with three campsites. It is south of New
Franklin but you can go to Boonville or New Franklin for food and supplies.
posted Apr 17 2010 11:54PM - Gene

RE: Katfish Katy's on the river... I'm moving from Denver to Indiana, and will be towing a small uHaul trailer behind my SUV. Would this location be accessible for me? I'll have a tent and my dogs.

posted Jul 30 2012 2:06PM - Jeff, Denver

Katy's has great access not far from I-70. Plenty of room for the tent and Uhaul. I would call about the dogs, but shouldn't be a problem.
posted Jul 30 2012 7:51PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, Mo

about 200 feet from the bridge on 40Ty highway 3 or so mile west of Rocheport there a very secluded
posted Jan 16 2013 2:41PM - Anonymous

If you decide to camp at the Katy roundhouse there is a great little diner just 3/4 of a mile from there called The Coffee Cup. My wife and I opened it in December of last year and we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. My wife cooks the best breakfast you will ever taste! Our burgers are "top shelf", as well as the dinners we serve you will be completely satisfied. The hours are, Sunday:7a-3p, Monday:closed, Tuesday through Saturday:7a-9p. Hope to see you there!
posted Apr 18 2013 4:06PM - Darryl, New Franklin, Mo

Katy Roundhouse has more than three sites. Most of the sites are around the corner south of the 3 campsites plus the showers/restroom. There's room for a trailer at the other sites. I think I paid $6 two years ago for a tent site. Good camping.
posted Apr 19 2013 7:46PM - Gene, Indiana

I stayed at the Katy Roundhouse a few years back for $12 for a tent and a campsite. When I arrived the tent was set up on the site. They left it there for me on my return trip a few days later. It may cost a few bucks more to do that now, but it was quite a deal to camp and not have to haul a tent.
posted Apr 19 2013 9:16PM - Trek

I camped at KATY roundhouse. It's an OK campground, but the distance from Columbia is a bit short for an out and back overnight ride from there. Also it may have lots of people there with noise, depending on the day. The ground is composed of old cinders left over from the RR days, so if it rains, the cinders dirty up your tent floor, and without a pad they aren't too comfy to sleep on (my Thermarest sprung a leak the night I was there!). If you want to do more easy distance, and press on through Boonville (good lunch stop) and up to Pilot Grove, that small town has a really nice city park near the trail, with a grassy lawn, sheltered picnic tables, and bathrooms (no showers). It was very quiet the night I camped there. Anyone in town can direct you there (south of the trail). It isn't really advertised as a camping spot, but they are fine with you camping there.
posted Apr 23 2013 1:24PM - Merrill, Albuquerque, NM

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