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I'm planning a hike on the Katy Trail with my 88-year old father (who is in great shape). Has anybody hiked it all and can you advise?
posted Apr 28 2010 12:51PM - Anonymous

A few of us have. Be sure to map out the stops with water, since not all trailheads have water available. Probably most of what you need to know you will find on this site. Good Luck and have a great walk!
posted Apr 30 2010 9:08PM - gc, Columbia

Another thought. The trail itself is fairly easy. The inclines are very small since it is a former railbed. However, to be on the safe side, I would suggest your father get checked out by his doctor. Much of the trail, while not exactly wilderness, can be somewhat remote from medical help if it is needed. Beyond that, you should have a great time.
posted Apr 30 2010 9:11PM - gc, Columbia

I rode the trail from Clinton to Sedalia and back yesterday (very spongy from the rain). I ran into 2 guys from Arkansas at the Green Ridge trailhead. One was hiking the entire trail the other was supporting him (had a car and bike). He was taking 2 weeks to hike the trail and was 3 miles out of Sedalia (end of day 2 for him) when I last stopped and talked with him.

I would approach hiking all 225 miles of the trail this way, with a support person and don't skimp on the hiking boots and socks. Unless you like blisters.

PS: Anyone. If you are on the trail in the next 11 days I think the man's name was Terry if I remember right. He should be in the Pilot Grove - Boonville area today (5-3-2010) and heading east along the trail. He has a big walking stick and a grey backpack. If you see him stop and say Hi or at least give him a thumbs up.

posted May 3 2010 2:05PM - R A, Kansas City

I agree. I did the Clinton to McKittrick section of the trail solo and self-contained and it was a challenge. Oh, and I had the blisters to show for it. From McKittrick to Machens, my wife drove the support truck and that sure made a world of difference. While I was worred that she would be bored while I plodded along my way, she was able to pass the time at wineries and antique shops and had a grand time. I'll keep a look out in my area for the hikers. Good Luck to them.
posted May 3 2010 2:16PM - gc, Columbia

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