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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments
Caution Clinton to Calhoun and back

We have been riding this area weekly for most of the summer and have noticed there are two individuals who also appear to ride this stretch regularly; these individuals also tend to ride at somewhat a fast pace. They overtake and pass other riders they fail to call out of their intentions to pass. This has happened to us 2 times in the last month and both of times they have caused us problems which could have been serious. They ride on,(which is probably best.) I wanted to warn others about these two (a couple) and hope that maybe they may read this(?) and understand that this kind of behavior can cause problems for others and possibly serious touble. And it is just downright rude. Please remember to call out when overtaking others on the trail and do so far enough in advance as not to startle others and possibly causing an accident which we all know can be devastating if not fatal. Thanks.
posted Aug 30 2010 3:33PM - Maggie, Kansas

Good advice. It is equally prudent to be aware of your surrounds also. Just because you are in the middle of nowhere, don't assume that you are the only one around and that no one will meet or pass you. Keep your ears open, allow room to pass, use a mirror, and know you whats behind as well as ahead of you.

We almost wrecked a few years ago with a man and a dog and we did announce our approach well in advance. His reply was that he didn't have enough warning, to which I replied to a large degree his prior warning was his knowledge that he was on a public trail that was meant for others and not just him and his dog.
posted Aug 30 2010 4:01PM - Trek

I agree that you should be aware of your surroundings and have your ears open. I have called out to others that fail to hear because they have their MP3 playing in their ears and even the wind can be a factor in being able to hear. It is still the responsibility of the person passing to announce their intentions.
posted Aug 30 2010 5:04PM - Maggie, Kansas

I agree.....but, all the announcing in the world doesn't do much good when the oblivian in front of you moves to right and lets his dog move to the left stretching the clothes line across the trail in front of you.

Hopefully the mystery riders will learn before they cause a crash.
posted Aug 30 2010 5:37PM - Trek

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