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North Jefferson Trailhead (N. Jefferson)

I drove down 63 and then up 54. There were no signs for the N Jefferson Trailhead. This website has no directions either. How do I get to the parking lot for the N Jefferson trailhead?
posted Sep 10 2010 6:32PM - Heather, St Louis

Heather if you look at the top of this page of the map of the trail where it says "clink any town for info" clink on "N Jefferson" and it will take you a lot of information regarding the North Jefferson trail head and surrounding area including a detail google map of how to get there.

Ray has created the best rails-to-trail web site I have ever seen with a wealth of information at your finger tips. Take some time to explore it and I think you will agree.
posted Sep 11 2010 1:06AM - Gary near Tebbetts, Tebbetts, MO

Heather, I feel terrible that you came such a long way and couldn't find the N Jefferson station. Gary is right and you can see a small map by clicking as he says. The map shows "Katy Rd" going further north from the station. This road is blocked by a locked gate so one must approach from the south. That blocked road used to be Hwy 54 not so many years ago. Well within this grandpa's memory. The actual access to this station is a bit complicated and you must slide the map around a bit to see the whole route. I learned this trick just now from Gary's suggestion. Heather, do visit again.
posted Sep 14 2010 5:03AM - Chuck L, Jefferson City

Some of the maps can be confusing. The road you're looking for does not intersect with hwy 63, it goes under it. So if you're going down 63 south, you will need to take 54 south and then you will see the signs right after the 63/54 interchange. Hope that helps
posted Oct 20 2010 3:10PM - Rachel, Jefferson City

The point is. With today's GPS it would be nice to plug in an address into the GPS and then have it calculate where you need to go. How hard is it to have an address? You guys make it out like driving willy nilly down a road looking for signs posted to lead to open roads that aren't gated to enter a turn and lead you to another scavenger hunt of signs to follow is sooo simple. You know what is simple? Having an address to plug into a GPS machine and then driving to the trail head...
posted Oct 13 2011 3:57PM - Franklin

Well if GPS is your thing, then check out the Towns and Services link above. At the bottom is a link to GPS coordinates for the trail heads. The trail heads generally do not have street addresses. If you don't know how to enter GPS coordinates in your GPS device, you can try using the city and search for nearby parks, recreation areas or someother similar nearby locations to see if it will list the Katy trailhead.
posted Oct 13 2011 10:10PM - Gary Near, Tebbetts

Heather is absolutely right about the lack of signs or markers, but there are a few parking lots around. you would access any of them by taking the exit for the Jefferson City airport. i know that there are parking lots at the airport, the "Cedar City Room", down by the ballpark, presumably down by the river front, and according to the Google map a "Lot B" right near the start of the trail.
posted Oct 28 2017 7:19PM - harvey Cedars, St. Martin, Mo.

Heather done been lost lil over 7 years now. Would a thought she figured out how use a map or gps before she just start out all willy nilly an then blame someone for not making a sign in the right spot to let her know where to go. And to wander for 7 years! Prolly not lost, just like to wander.
posted Oct 29 2017 9:49AM - Anonymous

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