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How is scenery between Sedalia and Clinton?

My husband and I rode the Katy in a couple different areas this summer--Rocheport area and Weldon Spring to Dutzow. We are planning to go to the western side for a short ride this weekend. Any suggestions for the most scenic part of the trail in that area? (We won't ride the entire distance between Sedalia and Clinton so want the best part of that route.) Thanks for any info you can provide!
posted Sep 30 2010 1:36PM - DLM, Des Moines

In all of our ventures, we've never ridden between Clinton and Sedalia. That section has never gotten rave reviews....too many open fields, horse tracks, etc. I'd opt for Boonville to Sedalia and stay at the Hotel Bothwell in Sedalia...or an out and back from Boonville toward Sedalia.

We're riding the Racoon River Valley this weekend.....any Fall color in the Des Moines area?
posted Sep 30 2010 2:56PM - Trek

I like the Clinton to Sedalia stretch for a change of scenery - did it earlier this summer. The Windsor to Green Ridge stretch has the highest point on the trail - since it is mostly open you will want to pick your direction based on the wind forecast the day of your ride.

I've never had a problem with horse tracks on that part of the trail.
posted Sep 30 2010 3:45PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Thanks for the input. So it doesn't sound like there is any scenery even close to similar to the Rocheport to McBaine area east of Rocheport?

Regarding Raccoon River Valley Trail: It is very close to where we live. I haven't been on it to the west recently as we've been out of town during the last week. However, it appears right now to be still mostly green. Colors are just barely starting here. There are a little red and yellow "here and there".

Thanks again for the comments!
posted Sep 30 2010 5:54PM - DLM, Des Moines

I didn't state that correctly above---I mean it sounds like there isn't any scenery in the area west of Rocheport close to the beauty of the scenery that is east of Rocheport. Is that correct?
Is it correct that once the trail does not follow the river that it isn't as scenic (other than open fields, etc.)?
posted Sep 30 2010 5:58PM - DLM, Des Moines

Nice canopies and bridges near Calhoun. Overall, the scenery is more countrified on the western end, but it is very interesting depending on what one likes. For example, wildlife-wildplant restoration has been done along the trail there.

Also, some of the greenest fields I've ever seen are there, and the fall colors are okay too. The trail is not all open there; lots of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Right now, you might witness the harvesting of crops as well, which can be spectacular. If you decide to try it, I hear the bar-grill-cafe in Green Ridge puts out good bicyclist food.
posted Sep 30 2010 11:27PM - Anonymous

You are south of Whiteman Airforce Base when you ride between Sedalia and Clinton. I've seen the Stealth bomber and assorted other fighter planes while riding that section when the timing was right. If on that section you never know if you may catch a glimpse of one. I also like the scenery between Clinton and Boonville. Beautiful farmland and deep woods. Every section of the trail has its' own beauty to offer though. I've only had trouble with hoof prints a couple of times in the past 5 years. Wouldn't let that be a deal breaker.
posted Oct 1 2010 10:02AM - Anonymous

Sedalia to Pilot Grove is a good place to see the Stealth bomber also.
posted Oct 1 2010 11:59AM - Anonymous

i rode the clinton to sediala route last yr. i actually enjoyed it. there were open fields, but i enjoyed it though, especially knowing i was riding such an historic route where the trains used to operate.
posted Oct 1 2010 2:02PM - Anonymous

Although horse tracks do show up on the western end now and then, they’re easier to ride around than the occasional tractor ruts seen elsewhere on the trail.

One of the super characteristics of the Katy is its changing diversified scenery and lifestyles from end to end. Newcomers are usually awed by the huge cliffs next to the big river along with the Deliverance-movie backwoods small-hamlet settings between Rocheport and Claysville not to mention the Native American/Lewis-Clark history also there and further east of there. Still, the overall varied scenery is what makes the Katy a greatly appreciated trail.
posted Oct 4 2010 11:15AM - Anonymous

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