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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments
Loutre Market (McKittrick)

This a grocery store with a deli. Great stop for lunch with a picnic table in front. Lots of choices and not too far from the trail. We almost missed it, but it's off the spur trail into Herman.
posted Oct 12 2010 6:41PM - Tracey, Broomfield, CO

I stopped in there to get a Gatorade a few weeks back. No dice. They did have the low calorie G2 version, but putting 40 miles in I needed more.

That's the frustrating thing about riding the Katy (but not a deal breaker). The two essentials that are needed on a long ride (sports drink and food) aren't always available. I had a bad experience from Weldon Springs to St Charles and back when I ran out of water.

I wonder why MO doesn't put a drink vending machine at some of the trail heads? They do on the rest stops along the interstate.
posted Oct 12 2010 11:55PM - Brad, Pea Ridge

Brad, I think that's a very good suggestion. However I'm not sure all of the trailheads have electricity.

I see frequent comments on this blog about the need to pay attention to how much water you have. So I do wish Missouri's DNR would look into providind vending machines at trailheads where they do the ability to do so. I realize money is probably not available for this type of thing now, but this should be added to DNR's to do list so that when money is available they can improve the Katy Trail State Park by making water and sports drinks available.
posted Oct 13 2010 1:15PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

What we need is someone in Jefferson City to lobby for us. Right now the state can't see fit to invest a million dollars that would generate a realistic $30 million income. When that is a bad idea to Govenor Nixon, we'll surely pass on putting vending machines in the middle of nowhere. Although, DNR could sell water bottles and camelbaks on their website with instructions to pay attention and fill'em up at every opportunity...surely a ROI greater than the Tour of Missouri ever was.
posted Oct 13 2010 4:15PM - Trek

I agree Trek, that we should have someone to lobby for this idea. And as long as Lt. Governor doesn't support it, we've got a good shot at success. Gosh, I hope Jay Nixon doesn't read this forum. If he does, I may have blown it for us to get these vending machines.
posted Oct 14 2010 1:29AM - Cathy, Jefferson City

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