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Trails from Kansas City

We want to do a half day trip with our 3 children, ages 11, 8, 5. We are in the KC area, so would love suggestions on pretty trails on the West side of the trail.
posted Mar 9 2011 2:22PM - Ashley, Kansas City

There is probably more kid related fun stuff from Rocheport east toward McBaine. The only tunnel on the Katy is on the west side of Rocheport. From there east the trail is between massive bluffs on one side and the river is on the other. There is an old ammunitions bunker, a cave, petroglyphs on the bluff, etc. that is educational as well as fun to see.
posted Mar 9 2011 4:05PM - Trek

Isn't the trail closed on the west side of Rocheport, such that you cannot get to the tunnel. You would still be able to view it.
posted Mar 9 2011 11:38PM - Z+Biker

From KC, Rocheport is only 30-minutes driving time further than Clinton. Quite a few neat things to see from the tunnel down to the giant tree at McBaine.
posted Mar 10 2011 2:10PM - Anon

Does anybody know what the trail condition is right now? Also how tough would it be pulling a trailer with about 170 lbs of kids and kid related stuff? And lastly are many of the campgrounds open this time of year?
posted Mar 18 2011 9:33AM - Rick

I would say that pulling a 170 lb trailer will be tough no matter the trail conditions. What trailer are you pulling that is rated for that kind of weight?
posted Mar 18 2011 2:31PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

A 170pound trailer? Whoo Man! There is no way!
posted Mar 20 2011 5:49AM - T.Hanauer

A little typo on the 170 lb trailer. Not a good idea to post and drink. The trailer is a Burley D-Lite that I have modified to fasten 2 kids bikes onto the back. So when the 4 and 6 year old kids and their bikes are on the back and all the gear is in the trunk I figure I am somewhere around 100-110 lbs. So back to my original question, end of March going from Rocheport east, doable or just plain too much work?
posted Mar 20 2011 9:53AM - RIck

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