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I plan on being on the Katy trail west to east for about one week!Now instead of shiping my bike from wendover i thought that another way to ride is a 150-200 bike usd.Get it at walmart.After the katy trail ,i am picking up the great Mississippi trail! All the way to Mpls,Mn. I am vietnam vet and am on a low budget.Is this a good idea to buy a bike at walmart? Thanks
posted Mar 20 2011 6:47AM - t Hanauer, wendover,,Nv

I bought a Wal-mart bike when I was out of town for a couple of months, just to keep in shape.
Had a flat tire the second day - Stripped the threads on the brake adjustment without applying hardly any pressure - Seat would not stay in one place - pedal came off. Be prepared to do daily maintenence. Donated it to local charity before I left.
posted Mar 20 2011 9:20AM - Anonymous

daily maintance is required for any bike, I dont care if its a $200. bike or a 2Thousand dollar bike. Renting a bike seems to be a hassel,Seven days 140usd. Thats why i will take my chances on a walmart bike. By the way i have a schwinn hybird in wendover,I have had no problems.So being there is a walmart in clinton,mo it sounds perfect to buy the bike their, Yes after walmart assembles the bike, take it to the clinton bike shop for adjustments, and happy Katy trail!
posted Mar 20 2011 11:27AM - t Hanauer, wendover,,Nv

Me thinks you are playing with us...
posted Mar 20 2011 7:23PM - Anonymous

Most bike shops just love to see WalMart bikes come in for adjustments.
posted Mar 21 2011 7:18PM - Anonymous

I wouldn't wish a Walmart bike on my worst enemy. I'd rather rent, renting would actually be cheaper, and a 99 percent chance of being hassle free.
posted Mar 21 2011 8:59PM - Jeff Crossley, Ft Worth TX

If you weigh over 150 I wouldn't recomend the very-low-end "mountain" bike from Walmart, you will break it like Mr Anonymous advised. But they do sell a cruiser with balloon tires and even a road bike for about $200 that might last you a week on the trail. Target has a lot better selection of adult hybrid style bikes in $200 range. I doubt there is one in Clinton, but there are several in the ST louis area. I have traveled to a ride before and understand your issue. One other thought: you might find a hybrid at the bike shop for less than you think. It wouldn't hurt to stop there before going to Walmart.
posted Mar 22 2011 6:13PM - Chris J, Centralia, IL

If I wanted to enjoy my ride, I would NOT ride a Wal-Mart bike. I think you are simply asking for hassles. That's just 2 cents.
posted Mar 23 2011 1:37PM - Anonymous

Never, never, never buy a bike from Walmart,Kmart etc and of course never take it to a real shop to be fixed. Go to some place that sells and repairs bikes for a living. They will fit it and prep it for you and it will be worth the added cost. In our area try the Hartsburg Cycle Depot in Jefferson City. Mark and Pam will do right by you and they are great folks besides.
posted Mar 23 2011 4:56PM - Michael Rodemeyer, Hartsburg, Missouri

Never say never :) I am proud to say that my Schwinn Pathway that I bought at Walmart has over 400 trouble-free miles on the Katy now. I did buy a new set of pedals as I put a lot of miles on. I've replaced two flats over three years, but you can't blame the bike for that, and I got a compliment on the bike from the guy in Clifton City. At $250, the Pathway was near the top of Walmart's line, but less than the $1,500 and up I've seen at the local shops. BTW, the local shops do a great service and I may spend my bonus money on a Trek or something similarly high-end one of these years.
posted Apr 10 2011 9:36PM - Brad, Pea Ridge

Brad, let's be fair. A similar bike to your Schwinn can be found at many bike shops for $275-$400. The main diffrence is that bike shops have a mechanic assemble them and ususlly make free adjustments for a year. If the cheepest bike at your shop is $1500, I would shop around. The shop in my town has more bikes under $800 than over.
posted Apr 11 2011 2:07PM - Chris J, Centralia, IL

You don't have to spend $1,500.00 at a bike shop. The Hartsburg Cycle Depot in Jefferson City sells a good Raliegh bike for around $300 to 350 and it will last a long time. Of course if you want a handmade bike Mark can build you one from scratch that will cost alot. go see him next time you are in Jefferson city. Use the new bike bridge across the Missouri river.
posted Apr 11 2011 3:27PM - Michael Rodemeyer, Hartsburg, Missouri

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