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Rendleman Home B&B in Bluffton

We made reservations at the Rendleman B and B last summer well in advance of our stay. When we arrived and entered the house at 4:30 p.m., both of us were alarmed at the conditin of the house. The kitchen was filled with dirty dishes, sacks of groceries were scattered around...there was virtualy no clean counter space. The bathrooms were not cleaned, the towels threadbare, a dead spider was in the middle of one of the bathroom floors, there was no soap and only dandruff shampoo available in one of the bathroms. The upstairs bedroom that was ours had only a double bed, old sheets and threadbare blankets, a noisy window airconditioner and no closet, drawers...only one chair. After 2 hours, we left as we did not feel this was the appropriate place for us to stay. In all of our travels, we have never encountered such conditions. We would not recommend this B and B under any circumstances.
posted May 6 2011 10:41AM - B and B, Spokane, Washington

In our many stays at the Rendleman B and B we have never encountered conditions such as you have described. We find the owner to be pleasant and accommodating in every way. The home was clean and very comfortable. We would recommend this B and B to any of our friends and family.

A happy Katy Trail rider.
posted May 6 2011 6:38PM - Bike Rider, Edwardsville, Illinois

I certainly wish they would have expressed these concerns to me at the time so that I would have been able to address them personally. Had I known they would have liked another chair in their room I would have been happy to bring them one. I could have also shown them the bars of soap and shampoo packets in the box that sits only 18 inches from the bathroom door, explained that the old towels are to step out of the shower onto and the new ones are to dry with. Then I could have told them "the threadbare blanket" is actually a 100+ year old handmade quilt and that I buy new sheets for the rooms every year. Yes I only have double beds, but since I tell everyone when they make a reservation that it is an old farm house I am working on and all the rooms have double beds I don't see the reason for a complaint. No closet? NO old farmhouse has closets and why would a cyclist need one unless they sleep hanging upside down? The whole house is ground source heat and A/C installed last spring. The window A/C units are so guests can adjust the room to suit themselves. Yes there were indeed groceries and pots and pans on the counter. I had just returned from the market and was in the middle of preparing dinner! Your second to last sentence is the only one of truth in that you NEVER have encountered such conditions, however I certainly hope the last one is also as I much prefer to have guests that are happy, fun, honest and that enjoy life. My place is not fancy but it is clean and I work very hard to give cyclists a comfortable and enjoyable nights stay. When people call I tell them that I am NOT Granma's Lace and Doilies. I AM Uncle Doug's beer and bonfires. Clean beds, good food hot showers. Once you have been told this, if it is not an experience you want, THEN DON'T COME! Don't show up and gripe because it was exactly what you were told it would be.
posted May 7 2011 6:49PM - Doug, Bluffton

We have stayed at Rendleman Home a couple of times, and while it is not fancy, we have found it comfortable, and most especially, have found Doug to be very welcoming--and we have been more than happy with the results of his shopping and cooking! The meals have been excellent. I do think it's important not to have the wrong expectations--it is certainly not lace doilies and Victorian fringe!
posted May 8 2011 9:42PM - eht

Wow...if one wishes to have posh accommodation one should stay at the Hyatt, Hilton or board a luxury cruse ship. Country comforts don't seem to be your style. May you find happiness...but don't do it at the expense of others...give me that country style of life where I won't feel uptight...give me that country style.
posted May 9 2011 8:54AM - DW

I have been to the Rendleman B&B several times and have always enjoyed this country stay. Doug is more than gracious, courteous, fun, entertaining, accomodating, resourceful, and what a cook!!! I'm disappointed in Spokane, Washington's review. This is a farmhouse being restored and he told me that up front. It's charming, quaint, and it's in the country for heaven's sake! If Spokane had a dead spider in their bathroom then what happened to them when they encountered snakes and other wildlife on the Katy Trail??? As an avid cyclist, I truly appreciate good home cooked food, clean sheets, and an excellent host. He went out of his way to meet whatever request I had. Shame on Spokane, Washington. Hopefully when it rains, they won't drown.
posted Jun 7 2011 12:06AM - Anonymous

Look. this was not the fanciest B and B we stayed in on our round trip on the Kathy Trail. I didn't expect it to be. In fact, I appriciated the down home atmostphere Doug provided. He welcomed us upon arrival with "Welcome home." As tribute to this and as it was Doug's birthday, we sang Happy Birthday to him. If make it back there Is unknown, But I know I have a friend along the trail if I do.
Thanks for the memories Doug.
posted Aug 8 2011 4:40PM - jbikes1

Ah, Doug! I hope you're having a great summer with folks that appreciate your welcome, warmth, and enthusiasm for living. Different strokes for different folks. We enjoyed our stay with you last summer and continue to recommend your place to friends who are interested in the KATY!
posted Aug 11 2011 2:35PM - Colorado Riders, Fruita, CO

My wife and I have ridden the trail twice and have stayed with Doug each time. Doug is a bachelor and the house reflects it. That's what makes it interesting place to stay and fun to see. He doesn't run the Holiday Inn. We found it amply clean and safe and enjoyable. We enjoyed our time around the evening dinner table eating delicious food with other riders sharing our stories, laughing and having great discussion. We would recommend his place to anyone riding the trail. Doug is a real character and one of those guys you have to meet.
posted Aug 14 2011 2:08PM - MarkRover, Bartlesville, OK

Doug, we stayed with you on a bike trip in 1998. I was just reading the journal, it was the highlight of the trip. Great great cooking. An old farmhouse, low ceilings in our bedroom, great conversations, lots of laughs. How much better can it get? We still talk about our 1998 visit with you. Good to see you are still in business, we were thinking about you tonight.
posted Sep 22 2011 2:14AM - Mark, Kentucky

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