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Papa Jake's Donut Shop in Sedalia

Stopped in on our way to Boonville. After a 630am start at Windsor and some cold temps, we'd pedaled up a bit of an appetite. Papa Jakes greeted us w/ hot coffee and fried dough. The marshmallow fluff filled long john came recommended by a young man we rode w/ on the trail...very good choice. The white iced cake was a fine sample as well. Their plain glazed are fried a bit lighter than most shops and really leave a yeasty, dinner roll-like taste in your mouth, a nice choice as well. These old donut shops are institutions. Papa Jakes even had a table full of old men solving the world's problems on a Saturday morning and free coffee refills. A large coffee, 4 donuts, 1 long john, 1 apple fritter, and a milk came to $6. Make sure you stop in on your next pedal through Sedalia.
posted May 16 2011 3:46PM - LTB, KC

Where is this in Sedalia? I love donuts. I will stop if I know where to go. Coffe too! thanks!
posted May 16 2011 4:14PM - maggie, Kansas

OK I found it on the Sedalia page! It's been a while since I have been here and the site is so much easier to navigate! Thanks!
posted May 16 2011 4:20PM - maggie, Kansas

I may have to start buying them up in the mornings and have them here at the Katy Depot for the riders who don't have the time to get off the trail (its a nice ride but about 10-12 blocks from the trail ).
posted May 24 2011 8:59AM - Linda, Sedalia

Linda, please do.
posted May 24 2011 1:58PM - Pamela, Independence MO

WE'll be coming through Sunday and Monday! Hope there is some waiting! That would be awesome! Motivation for me,lol!
posted May 28 2011 10:21AM - maggie, kansas

We found it and the crowd was huge and they moved very fast! Awesome place, they got a good thing going on there! Glaze were my favorite!
posted May 30 2011 9:36AM - maggie, Kansas

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