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Augusta Brewing Co. in Augusta

Bad experience...we designed a family bike ride to start at Klondike Park, ride to Augusta, and have lunch at the Brew Co. All good, except the fact that when it came time to order food, they said the kitched was backed up and they would not take orders. You couldn't even get a pretzel. We also noticed other people complaining that they were having to wait to get food. The staff was unapologetic about the situation. It was a beautiful Sunday, seems like they could have prepared for a larger than normal crowd. It would also be nice if they would have had some non prep-time items for sale. We had to ride back on empty stomachs. We eneded up driving home and stopping off at Dairy Queen, which was completely empty...apparently Dairy Queen isn't very popular on Mother's Day.
posted May 19 2011 10:58PM - Bitter and Dissapointed, St. Peters

So you went to a brewery and are complaining about the food? This place has the best beer within 200 miles. Several have won awards. They have the best rootbeer we have ever had, and my grandma used to make her own. Next time, pack a lunch.
posted May 20 2011 5:47AM - Chris J, Centralia, IL

Cafe Bella a bit further north in town could've made a big difference in your lunch.
posted May 20 2011 7:25AM - Anonymous

Just hate it when someone uses this forum to knock a restaurant, without saying a word about their family bike ride and bike experiences along the trail.
posted May 20 2011 10:40AM - Anonymous

I went there on Mothers Day and it did take a long time to get my food, but it was CRAZY busy! When you go to seasonal businesses during peak times you kind of have to expect to wait. It is just like going to a restaurant that is full and you having to wait a while before they seat you. There are no walls @ that place so there is no capacity. I agree with the gentleman above, next time pack a lunch!
posted May 30 2011 10:24PM - Rachel, Joplin-

This is one of our favorite spots to eat/drink on the KATY. This has never happened to us and we've been there on many a busy day. I highly recommend eating there but they also let you bring in food which is nice. So now you know to pack a lunch or at least have some snacks with you when you ride on a holiday weekend!
posted Jun 5 2011 9:06AM - DardenneGal, St. Louis

On Saturday, my wife and I stopped around noon time. I was leery of stopping because of the prior comments I've read. It was very busy with a lot of bikers there. When we walked up it was a little bit confusing; no hostess or any employees around. After a few minutes, we figured out you seat yourself and order your food and drink up at the bar. When your food was ready, your buzzer went off and you picked up your own food. Both the beer and the food was good, however, there was not any service to speak of, it was pretty much self serve. Even though it was very hot Saturday to sit outside, the place was nice. I would recommend this place; you just need to have the proper expectations (I can see why a first time visitor might not come away impressed).
posted Jun 6 2011 8:14AM - Kevin, Overland Park

We agree, self serve...If they offer and advertise food and it is an eating establishment I will not "pack a lunch", no matter how good the beer is. Also, they keep irregular hours, so do not plan on them being open, they open when they feel like it.
posted Jun 13 2011 7:42PM - Deb V

Quit crying about food on a bike forum...
posted Jun 14 2011 11:07AM - Anonymous

food, as a matter of fact, is quite important on a bike trip. We plan our trip around camping and food in fact! Those who come in from out of state need to be able to count on some of these places being open when they say they will be open.
posted Jun 17 2011 5:30PM - Deb V

A lot of people plan their day on the Katy as an event not just a bike ride. I can understand their disappointment if the stop they planned to have a meal at is unable to accommodate them.
posted Jun 23 2011 3:02PM - Anonymous

These are trail dives,beer joints,small operator places. I am always glad to just find them open to get a cold drink and and some Cheetos. Anything else is a plus. If you are counting on food to be the high light of your event then I think you are missing what the wonderful Katy trail is all about.
posted Jun 23 2011 10:59PM - Anonymous

Went to the Augusta Brewery on Saturday. Seems the bikers arrive in waves, but they certainly could be better staffed. They should have a "beer only" line; otherwise you might have to wait 15-20 minutes in line to order a beer. The food was very good and not overpriced.
posted Oct 3 2011 11:48AM - BikerBoy, Edwardsville, IL

BBoy, you should know Defiance and Augusta and all points around are biker country especially on weekends. I adjust my rides around those busy weekends stops. I have stopped a few times at ABC during the week but even it took a little wait to get service. Katy laid back is the best time to wind down. It's all fun.
posted Oct 9 2011 10:01AM - Bikers and Cyclists

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