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Mokane Market in Mokane

We were prepared for unfriendly Mokane Market and we were not disappointed! lol Either way, we bought our water and some gatorade and moved on to finish our 60 mile ride. Wish there was water at the Mokane trailhead, then we would never leave the trail in Mokane...
posted Jun 13 2011 1:17PM - Specialized

Go to the American Legion in Mokane, some of most friendly people you will ever meet. They had us stay in their basement one cold night in May.
posted Jun 13 2011 6:37PM - Dan, IOWA

I was in their late last week and thought the guy working there was very nice. Just don't go in there looking for freebie's or have an attitude because they get very minimal business from people on the trail.
posted Jun 13 2011 7:13PM - SteveK, saint louis, MO

My husband was very nice to the people inside and he still got the cold shoulder when he went to pay for his water for interrupting the man's conversation who was working there. Believe me, we didn't go looking for any free stuff. We quite enjoy supporting the local establishments along the Katy and don't mind at all paying for a cold bottle of water...
posted Jun 13 2011 7:59PM - Specialized, Blue Springs, MO

Thay will not got much business with a attitude like that.
posted Jun 15 2011 6:11AM - Greg, Raytown, mo

We were there the first week of May. The service really didn't seem any different from any other small town store. Down to business, quick enough, not either overly friendly or rude. We had a great pizza! I'd read horror stories about them charging for water so I didn't expect anything free. They had a shelf full of gallon bottles of drinking water for $1 which I thought was very reasonable. I wouldn't go out of my way to go to Mokane Market but I wouldn't avoid it either if it's at a stopping or refilling point in my trip.
posted Jun 15 2011 9:21PM - Rick, Independence, MO

That's why you go to the bar they will sell you water or fill your water bottles for free. And they have the best food
posted May 27 2015 12:23PM - bill, fulton

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