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Ashley's Rose Restaurant & Inn in Augusta

This place just ruined my whole weekend! We thought we'd take a small break from the trail, but after lunch I spent most of my time in the bathroom. Had to call a cab to pick me up cause my pants were ruined! And they charged me way too much! Unless you hate weekends, don't go here!
posted Jun 20 2011 8:30PM - trail trekkie, Clifton City

Sounds like a fake report by someone who has an old boy friend working there.
posted Jun 21 2011 2:39PM - Anonymous

Might be fake but I had similar experience last fall after eating food at this same location.
posted Jun 21 2011 9:00PM - Micky Z, Carbondale IL

Similar in what way? Neither of you say what happened. Did you get sick from the food, the trots, spill something on you? Were you overcharged or do you feel the cost was too high? Just blank accusations with no substance don't help anyone and do hurt the business. Posting a legitimate complaint is one thing, but do it honestly, with specific details and in a manner that the business person can address either through an apology, an explanation, a defense, or tell you to urinate vertically on a manila line.
posted Jun 21 2011 11:37PM - Doug, Bluffton

IBS is a function of the type or kind of food eaten that acts as a trigger and not where it is eaten.
posted Jun 22 2011 5:46PM - Anonymous

I apologize that my comment was so vague. I made an assumption that the first person that commented got a bad case of diarrhea. My bad for assuming. Let me clarify. Your place gave me a bad case of diarrhea. I had to stop at every restroom I passed on the way back home. I had no interest in contacting you about this. The best course of action for me is to never go there again. So if you want to tell me to go pee on a vanilla line thats ok but I will not do it because I do not know what that means.
posted Jun 27 2011 10:47AM - Micky Z, Carbondale, IL

Manila line....not vanilla line. I think he was telling you to "go pi$$ up a rope".
posted Jun 27 2011 12:52PM - Jim, St Thomas

Boy you are just batting a thousand here. Another bad assumption in that I have no connection with Ashley's Rose, I simply rose to their defense and told you what a part of their response might be. I am well aware of the family nature of this website and tried to phrase accordingly.
posted Jun 27 2011 3:46PM - Doug, Bluffton

If you had a problem with any establishment, no matter where or what it was, and you honestly had no interest in contacting them about poor service, contaminated food, etc., why do you have interest in bringing it up on a forum that was unrelated to the food industry. If it meant nothing to you that you were ill treated, then why show up here? You would probably be more effective letting the establishment know at the point of service instead of making yourself look like a fool much latter here. But you did. Twice.
posted Jun 27 2011 5:31PM - Anonymous

Thanks for standing up for one of the businesses on the trail Doug! We are all having a hard time right now and don't need bad reviews. If sometinig was wrong at my Cafe I would like to know about it myself first, rather than read about it. That's not really fair to the restaurant.By the way, Thanks to all of you who stop at Dotty's, We welcome you!!!!
posted Jul 11 2011 6:06PM - Dotty, hartsburg

Dotty, you rock. Good wishes to you wonderful business and yourself.
posted Jul 12 2011 7:52AM - Anonymous

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